African dictators will be collect by ICC one by one unless they promote democracy

By Peter Gai Manyuon

September 26, 2013 (SSNA) — Since the originality and the creation of the Africa continent, it seems like the genes within the people of Africa continent especially the leaders who are ruling the states are of the same caliber in that sense, ideologically, politically and ending up dictating the rule of law that should be respected in their countries. When you look at the historical perspectives of the African believes and attitudes, you find that Africans are good in other things but leadership is the big problems that need serious attention within the Continent.

And who are the people that will transform these current primitive ideological agendas in the minds of our leaders? To me it is all of us to focus on the freedom of expression and thereafter, elimination of the dictators one by one through the use of the ballot papers.

Ideally, looking at the political parameters of the Africa Continent, you find that those who are dictators came from poor backgrounds believe me or not, when you try to read the backgrounds of all African leaders you find that, most of them came from the homes that cannot be describe by the word of the mouth due to the fact that, their histories are so complex and sensitive to be expose in those contexts.

Having followed the British Broadcasting Cooperation (BBC) early July this year 2013, that inform me of how African leaders whether they like it or not, they must face justice once they breached the rule of law that govern people worldwide, I heard that the Deputy President of Kenya William Ruto will be charge either in his own country or Tanzania within this coming September, but the guy when and the issue had been adjourn  , and his friend who is the current President of Kenya that is Kenyatta son will be charge in afterward within this year too, that make it so ambiguous to all Kenyans and the Africa at large that, the new President was put in to power and he has a lot of charges ,very complex situation, I hope Kenyans should cooperate with the International Criminals Court (ICC) for the justice to prevails and also a lesson to learn so that next time other countries in Africa will not elect people who are having very serious cases in the court that deals with criminals.

The rest of African leaders should just cooperate with the ICC so that, things move well in the continent, and peace and justice should prevail and thereafter, people will enjoy freedom of expression and respect of the human rights and Law.

Viewing the current situation of the African leaders, I thought of many things that should be put in place by these leaders if they want to survive in the hand of the International Criminals Court (ICC) because if they don’t refrain from the followings that mean, they will die miserable like former President of Libya Conel Gadaffir who rule for over 40 years and was killed miserably by the rebels groups headed by NATO and at the end his children were on top killed one by one, and up to now the home of the late Gadaffi is left miserable, and I though African dictators should take an example of the incidents that are happening in the all world unless they don’t want their children to be on earth and can still enjoy other opportunities with other citizen.

One thing that, I have seen is that, most of the Leaders in Africa lack credibility on how he/she should be like after the power they die miserably like chicken.

If I were one of the leaders charge by International Criminals Court but the good thing is that, I will not be one of them, because I have learn the goodness of the respect of human rights and Democracy, I should just report by self, if I know that, I haven’t do any evils things in the country then trying to make the political relationship of that very country very stagnant due to the wrongs things put on you as the person

African leaders should promote rule of Law that is by respecting the human rights and freedom of expression in the African continent, and if that is put in place, leaders will enjoyed their wealth after retiring from the positions that they were holding.

African leaders should avoid taking public wealth’s to be their own, because it is not good for the President to still indirectly that is trying to give shame to Africa as a whole.

African leaders should make use of their minds to advocate for the Pan-Africanist and thereafter, other people should respect the people of Africa regardless of the too much corruption and tribalism that are killing some parts in Africa where South Sudan is inclusive.

African Countries should come up with Legal Institution that will deal with their affairs in Africa, that entity should be the one to deal with the persecution of the corrupts leaders or giving life imprisonment to the notorious dictators that are trying to take this wonderful continent backward which is not the case .

The author is the Independent Journalist who writes as Columnist based in South Sudan, you can contact him through;[email protected]

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