Key advices and Comparative analysis about the Lake State government

By Peter Gai Manyuon

October 17, 2013 (SSNA) — Having contextualized and memorized the issue of lake state, made me to come up with some key advices and comparative analysis about Lake State’s Government that also encompasses situation analysis, recommendations, and conclusion at the same time.

In the state many people said “there is no rule of law and manipulations of laws and human rights in the state are ongoing and these manipulations are beyond human description.

Since the appointment of the Military Caretaker Governor Matur Chut Dhol early this, the question that came to the  people minds is whether in South Sudan people respect individuals freedom or not? Can people of Lakes state blame God or Government of South Sudan at this particular period of time since the situation is horrible and terrible in the State? After the removal of the elected Governor of Lakes State Engineer Chol Toang Mayai people came in with different reactions, comments about the newly appointed Governor whose mission is to destroy the destiny, integrity of the people of the Lakes state.

However, South Sudan government comprises of many people who are crooks naturally, other are corrupts, other are killers, and other are dictators more so other lack intellectual dynamism in them. We are in a very confusing situation that people failed to describe at the movement.

It was not surprised that people of lake state will have complains in that way since the Military Care taker Governor was given authority that is blamable by almost   South Sudanese human rights defenders, activists and Independent Journalists, writers as well even the citizen of the state are not happy up to now. Early this year after the caretaker Governor was given office, his deputy that he appointed addressed publics and Media quoted him where he said, “all activists and Independent journalists that work in lakes state must be prosecuted and crucified like Jesus Christ once they reports issues that are very critical to the government of the state” when you look in to that point as South Sudanese what can you think in your mind as an individual person? Can you say there is rule of law in that way?  That point alone can DE campaign Matur himself in the society of lakes state people and South Sudan as a whole.

My dear Countrymen and ladies, I have taken long without commenting on the issue of Lake State that is becoming critical and discouraging situation that is beyond human control at this particular period of time in South Sudan as the Country. Some have seen with their eyes, other might have had about what is taking place in Lake through the Media whereby some people are denied some rights; like the rights to movement during your free time, rights to drinking whatever human being can drink, right to freedom of discussions at home is not there or in the market, right to have democratic opinion as provide by the Constitution of the Republic of South Sudan 2011 had been restricted.

Furthermore, the time when the elected Governor Engineer Chol Tong Mayai was removed by a decree by the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit early this year 2013, there had been no freedom of expression, freedom to drinks and movement in Lakes, people rights have been violated in one way or the other.

Having contextualized, memorized the general situation of lake state , it sometime discouraged me from talking because human being are not to be mistreated like that; South Sudan is not part of Arabs world where lives of human being is not taken serious.

And more so, many people regarded it’s as some things very unbelievable  that broke the Constitutionality of the Republic of South Sudan 2011, many violations on human rights , good governance have not been  practice by the newly appointed Governor of Lake State Matur Chut whose his coming as the caretaker Governor complicated issues to do with freedom of expressions , human lives have been threated especially those who are Human Rights defenders and Journalists as well ,no rule of law and proper accountability on human being and that is based on the order where the Care taker Governor order soldiers to shot anyone in the state mid this year . People are rule based on traditional way of ruling that is customary law.

Analysis about lakes state

We all know that in South Sudan, Lakes state have many politicians who came from Khartoum and their mission is to destroy the destiny of the people of lake, if am not mistaken. They are having different ideological issues that are so complex; most of them are accelerating clan’s issues that have parallelized the politic of the state from the way good governance should have been practiced in a democratic society. Arabs politic is now in Lakes state because the people who are having problems are the same people talking with the same language and ascent. However, since the caretaker Governor took the office, killing have reduced that I have acknowledge but the problem is that, statements that are being released always make some people to wonder of the state leadership in one way or the other.

Since the comprehensive Peace Agreement was signed, many people have lost their lives in Lake State more than even Jonglei state where there is notorious tribe that is becoming headache and parasite to other tribes in the state. There had been complicated disputes between the same people which had become international agenda and have led to the disqualification of the elected governor from his position.

Customary law is the one use in the Lakes State by the Current military Leader who is ruling by orders and intimidations; most people term his government as a dictatorial leadership that whose mission and vision is to eliminate the rights people who are supposed to take this great nation to another level. People are governance in a way that is totally very unacceptable and horrible.

Keys recommendations to Lakes State Government

Government of lakes state under leadership of Matur Chut should respect rule of law, human rights and good governance that should be desirable to all the citizens of lake state and South Sudan at large.

Government of Lakes State should know that, human rights watch is overseeing the ongoing threatening and intimidations of the media practitioners in the state capital, therefore he (Matur) and his cabinets should allow freedom of expression, freedom of sociality in the society.

Government of Lakes State should not take gun as the right way to talk to the people but should use a diplomatic ways of doing politic worldwide, not the traditional way of handling issues that are very serious to the development of the nation. Guns are not the only weapon for peace but they are used for violence.

Governor of lakes state, should value human being as good asset not liability that has no value in the society and therefore he (Matur) should also calculate for his children in the future because, tomorrow is very important. Don’t be critical on human lives otherwise; remember your integrity as the person in the society is very important.

Conclusion; South Sudan does notneed people who are born dictators because the thousands of lives that had been lost during the longest civil war in Africa, was not for nothing but it was for the betterment of the people of South Sudan; therefore democracy and respect for the rule of law and rights is the only way to take this beautiful nation to another level.

Author is the Independent Journalist who wrote extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan and former Senior Reporter for CTV and Sudan Tribune Newspaper in South Sudan ; you can contact him through [email protected]. He holds BA in Mass Media and currently a student doing Master’s Degree in International Relations and Diplomacy specializing in foreign Policy.

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