Lawyers for Democracy Congratulate the People of Abyei for Their Firm Stand After the Failed Attempt by Kiir and Bashir Summit in Juba

Lawyers for Democracy Congratulate the People of Abyei for Their Firm Stand After the Failed Attempt by Kiir and Bashir Summit in Juba to Abort the October 2013 Referendum

“If God is with people of Abyei, who on earth will be against them”

For immediate Release

Juba, October 23, 2013 (SSNA) — President Kiir and Bashir summit on Tuesday 22 October 2013, is a failed attempt to abort the determination of the people of Abyei to conduct the Referendum in October 2013, in accordance with the Abyei Protocol signed in 2004 and AU promise. People of Abyei started registration and ready for vote.

The Lawyers for Democracy in South Sudan call on the people of South Sudan to support the people of Abyei spiritually, morally and financially for the successful conduct of this important vote for the nine Dinka Ngok chiefdoms, which will take place on October 2013. In less than a week, the electorate of Abyei will go to the polls to decide their fate.

Very little has been said in reference to the referendum of Abyei from both sides of the summit in Juba. But one fact which isn’t in doubt, is that the people of Abyei will vote for yes and be part of the Republic of South Sudan, let us see if Honorable Michael Makuei ‘s Government will reject the outcome.

Lawyers for Democracy are deeply concern with the statement of the spoke person of the Government of South Sudan “virtually no chance”. There is certainly cause for concern amongst the ranks of Kiir cabinet about the referendum in Abyei. After the bows they have made before Bashir in Juba.

The question of what would happen if Abyei referendum is conducted in October 2013 is a difficult one to be answer by Honorable Michael Makuei, but the people of South Sudan through their Parliament must have the answer. We call upon the People’s Parliament of South Sudan to exercise their supremacy and put an end to suffering of the people of Abyei.

The problems Juba and Khartoum could face are multiple. But Oil shutdown is on top of them, as a result of the vote, and this what drive Kiir government crazy, they think this is certainly a risky strategy and lacks any real credibility, Kiir and Bashir share a view.

Lawyers for Democracy in South Sudan understand that under the current government of Kiir they would continue to receive the 2% percent of Oil revenue this is not the thinking of Abyei People who are serious about finally taking control of their own destiny.

The vote on Abyei on October is extremely serious which the summit of Kiir and Bashir has failed to address adequately.  The NCP may have secured the power in Juba to force honorable Michael Makuei to abort the exercise.

But they have failed to present clearly their picture on how to convince the people of South Sudan in General and People of Abyei in particular on how the communiqué of the summit would fit into two Sudan. Until they do, Kiir and Bashir proposal is doomed to failure, and Makuei Statement to political irrelevance.

(If the International or regional community are not willing to midwives the referendum in Abyei, the traditional birth attendance will do their novel duty for history to be made on October 2013).

Lawyers for Democracy in South Sudan (LDSS)
Juba, Republic of South Sudan
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