Political Divergence: A Lesson Learned from Political Elites of South Sudan

By Deng Mangok Ayuel

November 12, 2013 (SSNA) — Politics in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia differed from Robert Mugabe’s ways of handling political issues in Zimbabwe. Does it signify that North African countries are different from the West, East and Southern African countries in handling political issues? Museveni of Uganda has his own styles, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta are the brave sons to be at the ICC buildings for queries on crimes in The Hague unlike el-Bashir of Sudan who doesn’t wanted to see or speak to judges at the ICC in The Hague. African leaders, different minds, different styles of leadership …?

Political success has blockages, mountains to cross. However, Mr Raila Odinga contested presidential elections but didn’t make it to presidency –but still a great man, feeling now at home and enjoying with fellow Kenyans. And Mr Nelson Mandela was imprisoned by South Africa’s apartheid government for years – later became a president of South Africa after released from prison and lives peaceful retirement in South Africa. He is a true statesman, peace lover and hero of Africa. I never heard of Mandela connection with Mugabe in politics as African political elders. Every leader should study the nature of his people, ethnicity and political mindsets of his/her rivals. Will our politicians go home for peaceful retirement like Mandela, Kibaki, and Odinga, and be honored for work well done?

Some of the South Sudanese political elites are on divergences: Dr Machar made his own decision – looks cognizant about his political destiny, Mr Amum is troubled and still unheard – he is also another hot guy, Dr Lam came back to the country after years of hibernation – other prominent politicians become political tuners in the smoke. They are hanging on political zigzags over whom to follow because when there are many boys who look politically handsome, the tuners shouldn’t walk up from hospital’s political bed and begin dancing and singing praise or count eggs before hatched. Many politicians are smoking in the smoke; even Iscariot who sold Jesus Christ will not accept a coin from tax collector to sell Jesus again if Jesus returns tonight.

And Mabior Garang de Mabior, the son of late Dr Garang isn’t seen in the country for reasons or not – God knows! Of course, divergence sometimes causes political suicidal when a public figure decided to be what he/she wants within active and functioning political machine. It sometimes creates tension; impose self exile when fearing one’s own life. Finally, Dr Lam Akol returned to the country to help build a nation. He was pardoned – amnesty extended to him in order to return to the country. I don’t know the crimes Dr Lam Akol has committed to be pardoned because I don’t personally have evidences.

Politics has got nothing to do with “patience, new or old country” currently in South Sudan but there should be a degree of compromise. Sometimes back, our leaders expressed their concern over the media – utterly gone criticizing themselves, licked their individualistic on country’s affairs.  Therefore, these leaders should avoid criticism but use dialogue to solve internal clashes within one family. It’s a government whose its leadership refers to as “YOU” – who fought , then hugged Khartoum government through CPA in Kenya and voted by all South Sudanese in referendum, until our reached the promise land, “The Republic of South Sudan”. We should be much concern on how we got this country, than individualistic desired destiny. I am not a supporter of revo-democracy of Bashir, Mugabe, Museveni and other African leaders who have had been staying in power for decades. Long lasting in power is sometimes a personal disaster. People may feel tired of you and began misbehaving unwittingly.

The SPLM politico bureau finalized its decision on when to convene, pave ways for democratic SPLM in the election of party’s top leader. South Sudan shall hold its post independent election in 2015, and President Kiir is expected to contest a post autonomous election. And again, the solution for politics in South Sudan is for politicians to battle for change through dialogue. South Sudanese don’t have time to be divided on political rows. The SPLM as a party has right to choose its party leader.

Deng Mangok Ayuel is a South Sudanese blogger and lives in Aweil, South Sudan. He can be reached via [email protected]

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