President Kiir is a Tribalist and he Must not be Allowed to Rule South Sudan in the Next 7 Years

By James Nguen Nyol

November 14, 2013 (SSNA) — Here is a short summary WHY?

  • Out of 9 Supreme Court judges 7 are Dinka, 1 Nuer and 1 Equatorian and the head is a Dinka
  • Out of 3 immigration officers tasked for ALL CUSTOM WORKS, all three are Dinka.
  • Out of 21 ambassadors stationed in foreign countries, 19 are Dinka;
  • Out of 5 South Sudan National intelligence top officers, responsible for KILLINGS, human rights abuses and disappearance of innocence South Sudanese, all five are Dinka.
  • Governor of the South Sudan Central Bank is a Dinka
  • Out of 6 TOP Military High Command in Bilpham, all 5 are Dinka
  • Out of 9 South Sudan police top bosses, all 9 are Dinka.
  • All staffs in the Ministry of Finance, all are Dinka except the Minister

95% percent of the people who occupied these positions are from Bhar El Ghazal – Gogrial- Awan- Aguk in Warrap state and 4.5% are from Northern Bhar El Ghazal state and .5% is from Lake State.

Can South Sudanese allowed Kiir to rule South Sudan in this regard? Fools and someone who run after food would say yes. South Sudan is more tribally divided under Kiir than ever and so President Kiir must go!!!

James Nguen Nyol is a concerned South Sudanese citizen living in Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]

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