Open Letter to the President of the Republic of South Sudan, General Salva Kiir Mayardit

By: Rialthin Ruei Kuong Chol

Your Excellency,

November 14, 2013 (SSNA) — First and foremost, I would like to extend my gratitude and greetings to you Mr. President on this precious stage where South Sudan is focusing the developmental issues and International Relations, as well signing of Cooperation agreements with the Government of the Republic of Sudan and the current issue of South Sudan joining East African block.

Your excellency at this stage, this is where South Sudan as the Republic can focus on the developmental issues if am not mistaken , and development is all about providing social services to the people of South Sudan without exclusion of others people or communities  in this Country.

Your Excellency, in Unity State for instance, since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement to date, there had been a lots of suffering from the people of Payinjiar County. To give you small story about Payinjiar, Payinjiar is the territory of Nyuong clan part of Nuer Society, Payinjiar is the County among the nine Counties Unity state is having, it is located in the Southern part of the State, with good number of people who really fought for the Independent of the people of South Sudan, almost five thousands die in Payinjiar due to looking for self-determination where people of South Sudan are now enjoying for today.

To mention few, about the problem of Payinjiar people, since the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) was signed up to date, people of Payinjiar are facing serious issues that need your attention as the President of the Republic of South Sudan. Government of Taban Deang Gai never connect the State Headquarter to the Payinjiar County and moreover other Counties are well enjoying up to now, there had been no Network for Communications , even right now people are using Radio call, the old model of Communications and Satellite (Thuraya ) phones up to date. They had been serious floods in the whole County where other stay on the top of the trees and nothing had been down by the Government of South Sudan and Unity State Government.

Coming to the time of Caretaker Governor, people of Payinjiar were having hopes and aspirations but as we speak right now, this is the guy who came purposely to show to the people of Payinjiar that, he is something. Many people of Payinjiar approached him at first on the issue of always changing Commissioners from Payinjiar County and people of Nyuong Community recommended one of their Son LT. Col – William Nyuon Jock Kham to be the Commissioner of the Area and the reason why he was suggested was based on many issues that should have been address by him, one of which was the issue of insecurity that had taken many people lives in the County, no roads for Transportation of some food items and other commodities, lack of good relations with other bordering Counties like Yirol East that is bordering people of Payinjiar to the South, Rumbek Central to the West and other borders as well. The recommendation was given to the newly appointed Caretaker Governor Nguen Munytuil because of his agreement with those individuals that are not known to the Community of Payinjiar, he turn down the recommendation of the Community. And last week many people were killed in a serious fight that took away many people lives that did not happen in the history of Payinjiar people. The fighting took almost five days between the same inhabitants people of Payinjiar and all those issues are been caused by the Government of the State, because what people of Payinjiar have realized is that, he came purposely to reduce the small population of the people of Payinjiar not development of peace related issue that you assured him Mr. President during the time you gave him the mandate at j1 in Juba.

Citizens of Payinjiar had been suffering since the Comprehensive Peace Agreement up to date and your Government is not seeing all these issues, the question is, are people of Payiniar not part of the people of South Sudan?  Do people of Payinjiar not having good number of people who read and write?

Mr. President Sir, Payinjiar County in Unity State Statistics is far better than some Counties in the State as we speak because a truth must be say. You made your appointment last year, when you added sixty six Members of Parliamentarians (66) to the Council of states Assembly and you never think of the people of Payinjiar other Counties are having more than three MPs in the National level of South Sudan. But for the people of Payinjiar naturally they don’t fight over the issue for food but fighting for the defense of the Nation and Integrity is their mandate.

Mr. President Sir, when are you going to think about the people of Payinjiar County? What people of Payinjiar want is the Roads and Network for Communications, so that they can enjoy communication with other stake holders in the Country.

Mr. President Sir, I have the following recommendations for you because I don’t want to blame the people of Payinjiar for not voting for you in 2015 General elections.

Keys Recommendations;

  • People of Payinjiar County need your decree to work this time, Mr. President Sir, you need to question the Caretaker Governor why he never when to Payinjiar since the time you gave him the mandate, and he promised people of Payinjiar at first of his going.
  • Mr. President , you need to question the issue of Payinjiar not having no Roads from Unity State Government and no network for Communications and other counties are enjoying their Communications with others
  • Mr. President, you need to question the Caretaker Governor of not responding the recent fighting that almost killed good number of people from Payinjiar and Government of the state never intervene
  • Mr. President, you need to question why Caretaker Governor appoint people that were not recommended by the people of unity state to run the government and we all know South Sudan is going to the very crucial stage where people will determined who should lead the Republic of South Sudan in a year to come
  • Mr. President sir, you need to decree out the Caretaker Governor and his subordinates because they are not promoting the interest you send him for in the state, because he was supposed to make relations with other States in term of security and he failed, the time he when to unity State, there had been a Counties fighting which did not happen in the history of Unity state, Payom County youth when and took cattle’s from Koch County and likewise to Guit and Parieng County as well. There is a need of the state of emergency and even no one will blame you this time because how can the same people fight within the State, a very confusing situation.
  • Mr. President Sir, you need to give humanitarians assistance to the people of Payinjiar because floods had destroyed their goods in the County, there is need for you to set up a committees to assess the general situation of the people of Payinjiar people because their situation is terrible and horrible.
  • Mr. President Sir, you need to act seriously this time about the issue of Payinjiar unless you don’t want to fight for the right of Community in South Sudan.

In conclusion, people of Payinjiar had been fighting for the freedom of the people of South Sudan as well as other South Sudanese but the issues mentioned above are the one affecting people of the Payinjiar County (Nyuong Community)

God bless South Sudan.

The author is a citizen of the Payinjiar County Unity State Bentiu. He can be reached at [email protected]

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