President Kiir Should Declare state of Emergency in Unity State

By Peter Gai Manyuon

November 29, 2013 (SSNA) — In the mid July 2013, the President issued out a decree removing the long serving Governor Taban Deang Gai from Unity State Leadership and appointed Nguen Munytuel as the Caretaker Governor of Unity State, and since that time he (the President) appointed Munytuel, crisis originated, escalated,and many people have lost their lives in the state up. There had been an inter-clashes between the people of Payinjiar last month which did not happen historically where more than ten (10) people were killed and twenty one (21) people were wounded and more so last week, there had been a heavy fighting between Rukkona Youth and Guit Youth as well and more than forty (40) plus die on the spot and the fighting is still continuing up to now in the state. However, when the caretaker Governor was sworn in in President Kiir house in Juba, the youth from Mayom County when and raided a huge number of cattle from Koch County and Parieng as well which also did not happen historically, and he (Munytuel) did not react as a leader of the people but rather try to advocate for the war in the State.

The question is, is Munytuel really working for the peaceful co-existence within the people of Unity state or is his coming to the leadership was to decrease the number of people in the State?

Realistically and logically, the current volatile situation of Unity state, need emergency response from the citizen of Unity state themselves or the Government of Juba, should decree out Muntuel from the leadership within this week or next week, if really the President Kiir is looking for good name from the citizen of the Greater Upper Nile Region or Bentiu in particular.

One of the ways that can be used by the people of Unity State is through demonstrating and they should call for the immediate sack of Munytuel in the leadership and President Kiir should appoint the new person who can advocate for the interest of the community and South Sudan at large. Or if not, the Parliament of Unity State should impeach the Caretaker Governor because his coming to the leadership is now becoming terrible and horrible to the people of Bentiu.

Hence on the other hand, the National Legislative Assembly and Council of states Assembly should also come up with the mechanism to rectify the ongoing war that is escalating in Unity State, and one of the way is that, they can do this through calling emergency secession to discuss the issue of Unity state particular and endorse the impeachment of the Caretaker whose mission is to preach word of hatred among the people of the same originality, before reaching the stage of a civil war because , if communities who are of the same tribe are fighting , it might lead to something very terrible and an fortunate  but we don’t wish for that as people of the Republic of South Sudan

The President of the Republic of South Sudan should immediately declare state of emergency in the Unity State (Bentiu) due to the current crisis that is escalating from different communities in the state otherwise; I don’t think President Kiir will get even one (1) Percent from the people of Unity state in 2015 coming general elections.

The author is Independent Journalist, and he can be contact through;[email protected], he is current lives in Nairobi Kenya.

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