Why most of our senior leaders dwell on the split of 1991 as a mean for campaigning?

By: Weirial Gatyiel Puok Balaung

December 6, 2013 (SSNA) — Dwelling much on the split of 1991 is tribally-motivated headache that will not save any unpatriotic and unpopular leader anymore, because for some of us who had experienced the worst experience in New Sudan live style (liberated areas) before the CPA.

The author is/was much disturbed to hear bad means of campaign of some few leaders against their rival in politics by recalling the Split of the SPLM/SPLA on 28/8/1991.

Does that politician have no weakness rather than that of 1991? Why recalling it by this time while he has been holding a political post for the period of eight good years?

Who think that he or his tribe men and women have liberated this land? I need you my readers to answer the above questions. I may agree that most of our leaders 90% of them have committed crimes during the liberations.

There were worst human rights crimes committed by some of high profile members of SPLM/SPLA Government from different tribes against Equatoria, Nuer, Dinka and the rests of south Sudanese people that included pandemic rape cases on under-age girls, women and forced marriages.

Incredibly, some of these senior public officials who’d committed these kinds of human rights abuses are currently holding National Ministerial, Governorships and other constitutional positions.

However, I do not know why some people would keep on hanging on 1991 split. How about the Nuer of Gajaak massacre, the raid on Naser, Mayiandit and Leer counties attack and others?

Did any Nuer come up and start blaming our late Leader(s) in Newspapers, for instance, for having instigated the killing of innocent Gajaak people?

Our top leaders will soon drive as to a tribal war for sure if they could continue their unhealthy campaign in order to win the confidence of the people of south Sudan.

How about the deaths of Joseph Oduho, Kerbino Kuanyin, William Nyuon,Samuel Gai Tut, others and several assassination attempts against Dr. Riek Machar and the subsequent killing of his late wife (knocked by a vehicle) in Nairobi-James Gichuru road/junction- did people unearth all these out? What about the Chukudum genocide in 1998?

How about the continuous intimidations by same community towards other South Sudanese and international community in South Sudan from time CPA enactment 2005- up to now? Will this ever end and what is the way forward?

Leave democracy to take its course alone and do not interfere with the process. This time you should lobby professionally than barking against Federalism system of rule in your tribal forums.

If you are those who ran to the bush claiming to liberate the people of South Sudan from oppression with a hidden agenda of ‘’save our tribe first and leadership for life’’ than it is not this land where Dictatorship can take place since all the people inhabiting the country are brave and sound minded.

Points of writing this factual opinion

In my opinion the issue of SPLM chairmanship candidate should be left for the SPLM Convention to discuss and choose who the party thinks can take the SPLM Presidential ticket come 2015 election rather than creating a chaos by telling that SPLM has dissolved itself and did not. President Kirr, Vice President Wani, Dr. Riek Machar, SPLM Secretary General Pagan, Madam Nyandeng or any other SPLM presidential aspirants are all sons and daughters of South Sudan and have equal democratic rights to contest for the Presidency if they want. Many people across the country are still asking about the positivity of the dissolution of the SPLM or not.

Even I myself I am confused like the rests of my people across the country, we do not know which source of information is the right and which one is not the right one.

Last month the declaration for the dissolution of the SPLM structures were announced several times by different leaders on Sudan tribune website, President Kiir, Information minister Michael Makuei, and the country’s VP James Wani Igga, but with different opinion of the dissolution of the party. Some said it was not dissolved and some said the Party has dissolved itself alone.

Now the best solution is to give up misinforming the public opinion and set a date to reconcile your differences socially rather than doing it politically before it is run out of the control.

Like other democratic political parties in the world, SPLM also allows internal democracy through convention or primaries this time around. Therefore, it is up to the SPLM Party to decide who they want to lead the Party and the Country this time around NOT particular tribal sentiments in Newspapers to discourage any of the presidential aspirants with the year 1991.

The former Vice President-Dr Riek Machar had openly declared to the public that he is contesting for Presidency and the writer of this article applaud this courageous idea. The writer is expecting more SPLM candidates or South Sudanese from other political parties to declare their aspirations for Presidency openly without any fear including the current sitting President- Mr. Salva Kiir, if he is still interested to contest for the next Presidency.

For those who are interested and prefer to keep silent, the writer of this article welcomes their attributes too.

Most South Sudanese should have remembered and acknowledged all the positive aspects about the unique leadership style of Kiir in handling issues when he first came to power –before he was messed up by his wrong/tribal advisers who think President Kiir is their tribe mate.

I do not know why it is difficult for most African leaders including President Kiir to retire peacefully like Late  Nelson Mandela of South Africa(R.I.P) who served one term (4 years only) and retired with dignity after delivering Black South Africans freedom from White apartheid regime which was the most important achievement. Nelson Mandela passed away recently on 5/DEC/2013 and his positive legacy will never be forgotten by the world. Why shouldn’t Kiir do like Nelson Mandela or continue in democratic practices?

The write is a concerned citizen of south Sudan; he can be reach on [email protected]

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