Greater Bor Community in the United States Urges President Kiir and Dr. Machar to Contain Violence and Resolve Political Differences

Press Release,
Greater Bor Community in the United States
To Two Principals: President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Dr. Riek Machar Teny
Contain Violence and Resolve Political Differences through dialogue and democratic process

United States, December 17, 2013 (SSNA) — Following the incidence that happened on December 14, 2013, here are the facts that Greater Bor Leadership in the United States have gathered thus far:

1. The fighting started in the presidential guards barrack and spread to include other barracks;
2. There are indeed, causalities but the exact number is not known now;
3. A number of people accused of attempted coup are arrested and are said to be from the dissenting voices group who participated in the December 6 press conference.

Our concern as citizens and community

A.We condemn the violence in the sense that what happened yesterday must be investigated;
B. Contain the situation and show leadership;
C. Address political differences through meaningful political dialogues and avenues;
D. Investigate the yesterday’s incident and address it accordingly;
E. What should South Sudanese learn from this tragic and unfortunate incident?

I. Leadership: It is our view that the president’s speeches during the NLC meeting and that of the vice president were not helpful among the highly ethnically charged security forces;

II. Fragile nation: Our nation needs leadership that will delicately guide it in these tough times and consolidate its unity.

F. What should have prevented this unfortunate situation

  • Restraint from hate speeches;
  • Leadership, leadership, leadership.

F. What is the way forward

  • Contain the situation from getting out of hands;
  • Investigate the situation and if it was not a coup attempt but a clash caused by some other issues then immediately release the arrested individuals, allow Dr. Riek to come back and grant South Sudanese full freedom of expression;
  • If this was a coup attempt, define and properly disclose how and who were involved and allow those people a fair, public trials;

Dear Mr. president, the security of the arrested individuals is solely in your hands and their perish without a due process if they are indeed linked to the incident will be the biggest betrayal of the South Sudanese people and their causes because you know what most of those individuals have done to bring about our nation today. Their genuine disagreements on the direction the nation is going on December 6, if that is the only reason they are suspected, should not cause them unnecessary political victimization;

We are afraid that many of your security forces who were recently recruited and trained and who were young children during the war or simply do not have knowledge of the people’s struggle or your colleagues who may use their accusation to clear their political path may try to take law into their own hands and hurt these individuals and that is still going to be your responsibility; so, please, protect them.

G. To the International Community

What is developing in South Sudan is a very serious case and the common people are the ones to suffer; this is a great time to pressure the leadership to stir the country into a democratic path;

The U.S, UN, EU, and many other regional countries, you have a lots at stake in terms of the investments you already made and your roles in alleviating this grave situation in South Sudan is highly needed now more than any other times in the history of the young nation. The independence of Republic of South Sudan came at a price and many are aspiring to build a great nation. This aspiration is what needs not to be tempered by few individuals.

Signed by:

Greater Bor Community-USA Executive Leadership
Greater Bor Community-USA Governmental Affairs Committee
Greater Bor Community-USA Board of Directors
County Leadership Committee (Bor, Twic)
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