Condemnation of Ongoing Targeted Killings of Innocent Civilians in Juba, South Sudan

December 16, 2013
Press Release

United States, December 17, 2013 (SSNA) — The Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD) strongly condemn in strongest term possible the infighting among those entrusted with the future of our country and its people. We condemn the political intolerance that President Kiir and the elite few have shown in this regard and urge all parties involved to respect and protect innocent civilians throughout the country particularly in Juba and its surrounding areas. We have learned that people are being killed by their ethnicities and region of where they come from in South Sudan i.e. Nuer, Dinka Bor, Shilluk as well as other South Sudanese with different political views and these actions will further lead to mass killing like what happened in Rwanda in 1994 and Darfur in 2003. President Kiir, Defense Minister Kuol Manyang Juuk, Chief of General Staff, James Hoth Mai, Governor Nguen Monytuil Wejang (Unity State), Telar Ring, VP James Wani Igga, Minister of Health, Riek Gai Kok, Governor Lobong (Eastern Equatoria State), commanders of the SPLA, and others must know that the world is watching and all crimes committed during the conflict are prosecutable and ASSD will share all evidence gathered with the International Community as soon as possible.

We call and urge the International Community namely, the United Nations, United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada, African Union, International Criminal Court, Human rights organizations to immediately intervene as grave human rights violations and genocidal actions are being committed as we release this statement of condemnation. The situation on the ground is very fluid and we ask all people of goodwill to expedite their aid to the poor and innocent civilians. We call and ask President Obama to intervene in this matter as one of the Iconic and Leader of the Free World who blessed the birth of South Sudan and now the rulers have turned a blind eye on the people that they claimed they have liberated from the bondage.

ASSD urge the United Nations in South Sudan (UNMISS) to protect and provide basic human needs to civilians who are now in their protection as we have learned that there is no food or water being distributed to those who have taken refuge in their campuses through Juba areas.

ASSD call on all South Sudanese citizens in the Diaspora to unite and defend enshrined human core principles of freedom, democracy, human rights, right to life, and equal treatment of all citizens regardless of their lineage or backgrounds.

ASSD also call on South Sudanese and people of goodwill to report and document whatever is going on in their localities i.e. lives lost, properties burned, innocent civilians caught up and targeted killing by unleashed militants who have authorized to kill at will. ASSD ask and encourage the affected communities to document and report atrocities being committed in cowardly manner.

ASSD is an umbrella organization for South Sudanese organizations and individuals championing the causes for freedom, democracy, human rights, governance and development in South Sudan.

For more information, please call us at +1(202) 709-7322 or via email at [email protected]

Thank you,

Department of Information and Public Affairs
Alliance for South Sudanese in Diaspora (ASSD)
Address: United States of America
Telephone: +1(202) 709-7322
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