President Kiir calls his Failed Leadership a “Coup”

By Kueth Yul Dieu

December 18, 2013 (SSNA) — In his failed Leadership, Salva Kiir Mayardit with his supporters have tried every mean to create chaos inside the new nation that every South Sudanese citizens treats like bird’s eggs. Nobody wants to see the South Sudan to go back to civil war that has left 2.million lives in vain. The SPLM party leaders who were led by Dr. Riek did not plan any coup, but were in fact representing the needs of the majority of the South Sudanese population who has been waiting for a hiding democracy system which they voted for during the Country’s secession from Arab North. It brought many heartfelt and demoralization to the entire public of South Sudan when Kiir chooses to proceed with dictatorial leadership rather than Democracy system.

I had like to echo Rebecca Nyandeng’s report earlier to the BBC, that their action in the SPLM leadership was not a coup, but a clear and open correction of Kiir’s failed government system. Because Kiir’s action is clear, he ordered his illegal bodyguards to conduct safety curfew from 6pm to 6am, whereby he secretly told his body guards to cleanse the Nuer out of Juba City because they’re all allied to Riek. Rebecca Mabior’s message was crystal clear that President Kiir’s guards go door to door in Juba superb, searching for Nuer men whether armed or unarmed and take them to undisclosed locations. Nuer society alone in Juba has lost more than 357 government workers, some of whom were confirmed dead,and whereabouts of the rest is unknown. Currently in Juba, many Nuer intellectuals lives are in threaten situation.

There is a separate report that 1230, persons are confirmed dead from Nuer tribe alone in Juba City. Thousands of Nuer children and women who are unable to reach the safe locations are dying with starvation and thirsts inside juba Capital as we speak. The UN Peace keepers are waiting from their compounds to receive those who managed to reach them, but its troops are unable to go out to patrol the city for survivors. Kiir and his supporters started to play down the situation and reported on the National television and public radios that the city will go back to its normal business by Wednesday which was completely a deceptive.

I am alerting the International Community, and the Human Rights advocates to ensure the safety of Nuer civilians in Juba. The South Sudanese people,’s aims are to kill each others at this time. Therefore, this situation will not end in Juba, but it will escalate in many places in the entire South Sudan in few days to come. In order to control this situation, the UN will need to intervene as quickly as possible. Otherwise, Dinak Bar El gazal will finish Nuer in Juba which will later turn to tribal genocide.

Every single Nuer person at the moment understand that the current clashes in Juba is not between Dinka and Nuer Tribal but a political affiliation war between the supporters of SPLM party leaders, who are led by Riek, and the supporters of President Kiir whose their main objectives are to receives billions of money behind Kiir’s looting the country’s resources. These are the people whom the entire South Sudanese population has leveled as lost goats without horns. Their time is counting and will definitely end before July 23, 2014 the exact day Kiir dissolved his government.

The author holds a Master of Science Degree in Administration of Justice. He can be reach at [email protected]

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