South Sudan’s Powerful Military General Declares War Against the Government

Juba, December 18, 2013 (SSNA) – Two military sites of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in Jonglei state came under heavy attack early Wednesday morning from forces of General Peter Gatdet Yak.

The assault comes just days after president Kiir accuses his political adversaries of an “attempted coup”—a claim widely interpreted as an indefensible. Some government officials call it “an inside job” designed to use as a reason against anyone who tries to challenge Kiir’s leadership.

Fresh Fights

Meanwhile fresh fightings have erupted in Torit, the capital of Eastern Equatoria State and Bor raising fear of a full war in the Africa’s youngest nation. The South Sudan News Agency was unable to verify as to who is behind the recent attacks.

A source close to Gatdet’s forces told the SSNA that “the General is well prepared; anyone who questions his capability is an infant”.

A personal spokesperson of General Peter Gatdet was also contacted, but, declined to say anything specific about the Jonglei fighting, simply saying “those with working eyes and minds should not ask questions”.

In a news conference later today, Kiir said he wants to talk to Dr. Machar, adding that he does not know what the result of the talk will be.

The attack by Gatdet’s soldiers against forces loyal to the South Sudanese president sends panic waves throughout the country and raises fear in the capital, Juba. Gatdet’s forces took full control of all military equipments and heavy weapons.

The two military sites that came under attack were Pan-pandiar and Malual-chaat both located in and around Bor, the capital of Jonglei State.

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