The Nuer Community in the United States Condemns the Massacre of Nuer Tribe in Juba by Presidential Guards

December 18, 2013
For Immediate Press Release

Genocides Committed Against Nuer in Juba, South Sudan by South Sudan President Salva Kir Mayardit’s presidential guards.

United States, December 19, 2013 (SSNA) — Nuer Community Development Services (NCDS), Inc. USA condemns with the strongest terms possible the barbaric crimes committed against humanity in South Sudan Capital Juba by President Salva Kir Mayardit’s government. At this moment about two thousand Nuer civilians roughly reported to have been massacred in Juba. The mass-burials is only way to put away dead bodies on streets. This barbaric act of President Salva Kir surprised the entire Nuer community, and that, it leaves us with tremendous doubt if the President Salva Kir Mayardit’s government is really representing all tribes in South Sudan. As community, we are saddened by selective killing of our civilians population based on tribes and political beliefs, and keenly exhort the international community to involve and immediately stop genocide bloodsheds currently is going on in Juba, South Sudan. People are still missing even after the government pronounced the full calm in capital city, while wounded Nuer civilians are followed and killed in the hospital.

President Salva Kiir Mayardit termed recent Juba gunfight as attempted military coup that has been foiled, is not true; nonetheless, the real situation is different from how it was called. The fight was triggered when president Kiir tried to disarm members of Republican Guards from Nuer ethnic group. Presidential guards started shooting at those who were supposed to be disarmed, but resisted such illegal and wrongful disarmament by presidential order that led to full scale gunfights.

President Kiir ordered his presidential guards predominantly from his Gogrial home turf to contain the chaotic situation in the capital city. Before they act, the guards have the president’s blessing on the shoot-to-kill order aimed at Nuer ethnic group. The Nuer as a tribe becomes a prime target simply because president Kiir’s political rival happens to be from the same group. While the Nuer are randomly killed on streets of Juba with presidential acknowledgement, the Nuer on president’s political camp are not spared either; it’s an issue of ethnic cleansing from the presidency, quit and simple.

The order that was meant to be a routine night curfew by deploying troops turned out to be a night mission meant to eliminate the Nuer as a tribe. To rub the salt into the wound, the Nuer intellectuals are picked up at the middle of the night and get slaughtered on dialysis; facts are there to back up the claim. One would fail to understand the reasons why ethnicity is played in the politics.

Witch hunting didn’t stop with Nuer alone, innocent members of Dinka Bor ethnic groups were slain alongside Nuer because of their political belief. The situation that President Salva Kiir referred to as an attempted military coup is a statement used to justify his callous acts on a particular community. The members of this community urge the United Nations, peace lovers, and human right bodies to hold President Kiir accountable for ethnic cleansing he continues to perpetrate.

In order to immediately cease the ongoing genocide bloodsheds, the following scenarios must be implemented.

A. Stop selective killing of civilians based on tribes and political beliefs.
B. To redeploy purely Dinka presidential guards who committed genocides against Nuer civilians population from Juba streets, and to deploy diverse official national police and military forces to patrol capital city to stop selective killings and reduce fears until the full calm in the areas is sustained.
C. The United Nation Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) to render vehement protections and provide basic human needs to attain lives such as food, water and shelters to civilians population currently held in their compounds in Juba, South Sudan.
D. We monstrously recommended the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately launch thoroughly investigations and brought culprits of these horror crimes, include President Salva Kir Mayardit to book.

Signed By:

The Nuer Community Development Services-USA leadership
The Leaderships of Four Nuer Sections
The United States of America
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