Democratic Sympathizers Must Not Panic by Mercenary Jets

By Pel K Chol

December 21, 2013 (SSNA) — One would wonder what had happened to Kiir’s presidential guards he used to  arrest and kill his political rivals including civilian most of them Nuer children as he has now sought external help for survival bringing in mercenaries into the country. This follows with an article published in the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) that the Uganda Defense Force is deployed with the ostensive reason to maintain public order in Juba. Stupid he might be, Kiir is not miscalculating that his presidential guards mainly from his Dinka clan of Bar El Gazhal have no match with the will of South Sudanese who have been treated as second class citizens by him and his government. Hence, he has brought foreigners to defend his tyrannical methodology.   

Despite that he will go down as one of the worst leaders the world has ever seen alongside  Hitler of Germany, Idi  Amin of Uganda and Polpot of Combodia because the amount of blood spilled over this violence for a baseless coup staged against him as he claimed is unimaginable.

I cannot see any point of dialogue between him and the other camp that have got no agenda to present. Unaware about what was to happen on that day, they were shot at or arrested by his presidential guards. Whoever survived that fateful day had just had big luck. So what kind of agenda would they be discussing upon? Excuse me ‘bany Mayardit’, we did not stage a coup against your majesty! Is that what he would like to hear? Hell not.

Any individual with desire in democracy could see this recent event as a perfect moment to act decisively because unless you have Kiir’s pathetic picture in your office’s wall and praise him more than the praise Hitler and Pol Pot had received from their terrorized people, you don’t earn a decent job in South Sudan.  In worst case scenario, your existence is unpredictable as was the case for many peace activists including Isaiah Abraham.

This is a perfect opportunity for Kiir to go and the restoration of democracy in South Sudan. And there is only one way of doing that which is to join Peter  Gatdet and other generals. Remember that Rebecca Nyandeng, Dr. Riek, Deng Alor and many other politicians have tried to challenge Kiir politically in the parliament. Their request went to Kiir’s deaf hear as he does not adhere to democratic norms where party room have a bigger say on who their leader should be. Vehemently, Kiir had rejected their quest and launched a deadly attack on them declaring war on Nuer civilians. What a cowardice low act that is from a person whose job was to love all his citizens.

Kiir had lost the opportunity to lead and he is not my president anymore since I lost a good friend, a decent human who had more to offer to the people of South Sudan but die in the hands of his thugs.  Kiir must go and if he chooses to resist, he must understand that the will of South Sudan will not be deterred by mercenary jets. It is just a waste of resources. Khartoum had used fighter jets in a number of times against us yet we prevail victorious in a country which he is now treating us as his useless goods.

Derg regime of Ethiopia which was once one of the Africa’s strongest military had thousands of fighter jets. Yet it had fallen to EPDRF, the current ruling party of Ethiopia which had not even a single jet at the time.

The writer is a concern citizen of South Sudan living in Australia.

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