Jikany Youths call to Depose President Salva Kiir Mayardit from Upper Nile State

Press Statement
December 22, 2013

December 22, 2013 (SSNA) — The leadership of Jikany Community calls on its youth from four counties of Greater Nasir namely Nasir, Maiwut, Longechuk, and Ulang to stage an uprising against Upper Governor Simon Kun Puoch and SPLA Division one (1) General Johnson Gony Beliew who still kept allegiances to infamous president who had systematically massacred Nuer Ethnic nationality.

The leadership of Jikany community worldwide is mourning the lives of children, women and men of Jikany Nuer who had intentionally been massacred in Juba on December 15-19, 2013 by President Salva Kirr Mayardit. The killings are still going on until today in Juba, South Sudan by wicked private presidential guards from Warrap State. It is horror crimes that will not be left unchecked. It is a time for tyranny to cease for pure democratic transformations to hint in South Sudan. Now, it will be upon Youths in South Sudan to expedite depose dictatorship and replace with democratic government guided by the rule of law.

The leadership council strongly calls on all youth from four Upper Nile counties to rise up and match to Makal to depose the totalitarian leadership of President Salva Kir in revenge of Jikany massacred in Juba. The government of the Republic of South Sudan has gravely slaughtered our children, women and men alike, and therefore, it is no longer our government.  It needs to go once and for all, so that it will not kill our people again.  

Finally, we urge all Jikany Youths with support from elders and leaders in both arms and civilians to act urgently to join Jonglei and Unity State without delays to depose wicked government of Salva Kir Mayardit. It is our obligations and dedications to fight the right cause of our people. We had been fought aggressions against Khartoum in order to be free. Therefore, let us take our convictions to remove tyranny regime of Salva Kir Mayardit, so that this senseless targeting killing of one ethnic group will not be the case anymore.

Signed By:

Worldwide Jikany Leadership councils


Nasir County
Maiwut County
Longechuk County
Ulang County
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