South Sudan Genocide

By Peter Gai Manyuon

December 25, 2013 (SSNA) — My dear readers globally, what had happened in the Republic of South Sudan is beyond description for those who have survived from the Soldiers of Mayardit who have failed to lead the people of South Sudan in a good way.

First and foremost I would like to give many appreciation to the God Almighty for the Protection when I was captured in my house on Tuesday the 17th of December after they have killed my three relatives in my present and destroyed my passport and my all academics document.

Summary of the Violence in Juba

The fighting started on Sunday the 15th of December 2013 at around 10:00pm at night hour and on Monday the 16th, 17th and 18th of December was the time the soldiers loyal to Kiir began to killed the Nuer Tribe from Houses, they killed one thousand plus if not thousands from the Nuer tribe based on the recent research carry out by the Nuer people after some of civilians went to the United Nations (UN) compound in Juba.

The recent violence that was initiated by President Kiir and his Groups have really killed many civilians and the number of the dead in Juba is beyond a thousand and most of the those who were killed are from the Nuer Society; these people were targeted by the Dinkas from BharelGazal , they have killed up to their expectations.

The incident that started on Sunday the 15th of December 2013 , again, I personally thanks God almighty that I have survive from President Kiir’s Millitary Intelligent(MI) Genocide in Juba after they killed three of my relatives. I was arrested for the whole week in SPLA General Quarters (Gida), but, I really thanks God that, the Intelligent disagree among themselves on what to do about me and on whether to kill me or not. I was released on Wednesday this week but right now I am out of South Sudan territory.

All my documents were burned in my presence and they took a way my Cameras. More articles are on the way analyzing the South Sudan Genocide 2013 by President and his BharelGazal Loyalists.

The Author is the Independent Journalist and Columnist for the South Sudan News Agency and Juba Monitor Newspaper. He is currently in Nairobi Kenya. You can contact him through: [email protected]

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