Open letter to the United States President Barack Obama

By Peter Gai Manyuon


CC: United Nations Security Council
CC: Secretary General for United Nations
CC: Africans Head of States and Government

Dear Mr. President,

RE: South Sudan Genocide that have killed one thousands plus from Nuer Community in Juba

Your Excellency, I would like to extent my gratitude and my resilience about how you always reacts to the global agendas  regarding issues of preaching Democratization , human rights and respect for the rule of laws especially in developing Countries that are traumatized by wars , diseases, poverty and too much corruption that is becoming the way of survivaing in Africa continent. The world is aware that South Sudanese lost 2.5 million lives during the longest civil war in the Africa Continent and the world at large.

Mr. President, I was one of the survivor who was almost to be killed by the soldiers of Kiir Mayardit in the ongoing incident that has escalated to some parts of the Republic of South Sudan where you also commended that peace is the only solution to the South Sudanese people which everyone is appreciating you off up to date and I think even the kids that are still in their mothers’ wombs will acknowledge your quick reactions over contentious issues that might lead to the collapse and disorganization of the society like what is happening in South Sudan, where National issues are taken as tribal agendas.

Mr. President, I would like to bring in to your attention the ongoing genocide that started from the 15th, 16th and 17th of December 2013 in the new Republic of South Sudan, where forces loyal to Kiir Mayardit killed innocent citizen of Nuer Tribe in Juba. I hope you might have had it through International Media houses like BBC, Aljezera and CNN about the atrocities that took away more than a thousand lives of innocent citizens in South Sudan.

Mr. President Sir, to give you highlights about what had happened in South Sudan, first and foremost I was the one of survivor who was arrested for some days in the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) General Headquarters (Gida) former known as joined Integrated Unit (JIU) after the soldiers of Kiir killed my three relatives in my present without any agenda, and there after soldiers of Mayardit do away with my relatives, they disagree on whether I should be kill or not. And more interestingly, they disagreed and then took me to the jail and from there, I got some guys who know me and after afterward they questioned other soldiers of killing the civilians without any bases.

To mention few factors that have lead to the killing of innocent citizen is the issue of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) Chairmanship which President Kiir Mayardit has taken it as his own party excluding the rests of the liberators who were with him during the liberation struggle that gave birth to the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that was signed  in Naivasha  Kenya in 2005 and subsequently to the Referendum and the declaration of the Independence of the South Sudanese from the Islamists from the Northern part of the Sudan known by the name “Khartoum”

President Kiir have seen that he lack good support from the Sudan People Liberation Movement members like Dr Riek Machar Teny, Mather of the new Nation Mama Robecca Nyadeng De Mabior, Pagan Amum , Deng Alor Kuol, Gier Chuong Aluong, Kosti Manebe , Luka Manoja, Taban Deang Gai, Alfred Ladu Gore and Ezekiel Lul Gatkuoth and many others within the ruling party in South Sudan that is why he was intimidating the rests of party members and resulted to the marched out of the team from Dr Machar group.

After the meeting on that very day, President Kiir ordered his body guards under the control of General Marial Chinuang to disarm the other soldiers who happen to be Nuer tribe and from there, people begin asking about the reason why only one tribe is being disarms. And from there other soldiers refused to be disarms and thereafter fighting escalated in the Republic of South Sudan.

To come to the point Mr President, Kiir was suppose to restore peace, promote democracy within the Republic of South Sudan, building social services like roads, shcools and hospitals but all in all he is just there wasting the money given by the Inernational Community to South Sudanese in a wrong way, which is not known to the entire citizen of the newest nation.

Tribalism, curruption and nepotism had been the only mandate for President Kiir in leading the people of South Sudan which is giving shame to the people of the Republic of South Sudan, most of the world Countries have known the high level of disorgansition within the leadership of Kiir and his tribe men whose motto is to destroyed the dignity and properity of the people of South Sudan.

Keys recommendations

Mr President sir, you need to inform President Kiir to respect rule of laws and human rights because he always use his traditional way of making things in South Sudan ,he had forgotten the word freedom of participation in whatever either in politics,like the issue of Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) need good democracy and equality because it is the one which is making alots atrocities in South Sudan;therefore you need question Kiir of not allowing democracy to prevail in the newest state.

President Kiir should release the liberators and former Ministers who are advocating for the democratisation within the party because there is no reason of arresting them at all.

Conclusively Mr President sir, I would like to concluse by informing you and your government in United States of America (USA) to over sees the ongoing looting of properties and killing of the civilians especially one tribe by Kiir and his loyalists in South Sudan, even the leading of South Sudan to darkness by someone who is not observing the principles and guildlines of leading the people in a very diplomatic and approachable way.

I therefore, have a trust in you that, you will acts positively even though  now but in some years to come, South Sudan needs your positive thinking and approach of issues that take the world to be the same by adopting democratic principles and guildelines. President Kiir is using wrong advisers that whose psychological black boards (minds) are outdated from centuries and they are the part of the government of the Republic of South Sudan.

Your positive response toward this will be appreciated and paramount.

The author is the Independent Journalist and Columnist who had written articles extensively on the issues of Democratisation and Human Rights in South Sudan; can be reach through;[email protected]

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