South Sudanese Loses Fighting for Leaders

By Gabrial Pager Ajang

December 28, 2013 (SSNA) — In eight days, we have destroyed what have built for eight years. We have killed hundreds of innocents’ people. We have destroyed Juba and Bor Town infrastructures. Today, divisions 1, 6, 7 and newly integrated militias have repelled rebels from Malakal, and, hundreds of innocent lives have been lost. The government continues to escalate its military operations in the richest oilfield of Unity State.

Why are we why killings ourselves? The really losers in this conflict are South Sudanese citizens, and soldiers who follow retarded leaders. Soldiers are loyal to leaders, and have strong ethnic ties than to the nation, in other words, we have weak institution and strong ethic ties. Our ethnic groups are well organized than our government’s institutions. Concurrently, we are led by dangerously wild leaders, who are merciless and perilous enough to accept sitting on bloody chair after each factional wars.

The most deficits, corrupt, and heartless leaders to their cores preside over South Sudan. As results, innocent lives are being lost. If South Sudanese do not wake up and depose their garbage, we will always be in precarious environment. The people of South Sudan are not enemies; they are friends and good citizens. Leaders are the enemies of South Sudan.

The investors left South Sudan, and our economy suffered immensely. We have lost trust around the world, and strongly affirmed with unanimity that we cannot govern ourselves.

The effects of war are both physical and psychological. Human societies are deeply affected by war. The public infrastructure, hospitals and the very basis of human existence are destroyed in Jonglei, Upper Nile, Unity States, and Juba. South Sudan experienced war when it was once fought with Khartoum and people faced many hardships and challenges to meet their basis needs. The War of Liberation Struggles took millions of lives and maimed as well crippled thousands of people that were severely wounded.

Wars bring untold miseries as well as political and economic instability. People’s lives and daily existence come under threat. Very soon, it would be difficult to find jobs or live our normal day-to-day existence. Populations are displaced and have to constantly move about for security. What is happening now in South Sudan is dire reflection of the tragedy war bring. Some are scarred emotionally and physically for life.

Thus, humans must avoid wars at all cost. The only way we can protect our lives and ensure stability in our country is to practice tolerance and respect for each otter. Or else, we too would become extinct like the dinosaurs.

Peace talk will not bring peace to South Sudan, educating citizens, and leaders on moral ethics and values of human being can bring peace. Educating people on the important of ethic diversities and its richness could transform strong ethic ties and ease ethic tension. The people of South Sudan do not need foods, shelter, and clothes, they are yawning for freedom, justice and healing, they need to heal from a long war.

Gabrial Pager Ajang, Political Science and History Instructor at Wright Career College. He can be reached at [email protected]

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