Warnings to Kampala and Nairobi Willing to Participate in Genocide

South Sudan’s neighbors threaten to step in to end fighting

By Dr. Peter Kopling Joseph

December 29, 2013 (SSNA) — East African leaders on Friday gave South Sudan’s warring factions four days to lay down their arms after nearly two weeks of widening violence.

If they don’t, the leaders of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) warned they’ll "take action" to stop the conflict that the United Nations says has killed more than 1,000 and forced some 121,000 from their homes.

The group didn’t specify what sort of action it would take. But a communiqué issued Friday in Nairobi, Kenya, appears to throw the group’s weight behind South Sudanese President Salva Kiir.”

The above is an excerpt from CNN news online. If true then I must say I am bitterly disappointed but yet not surprised by the move of Kampala and Nairobi in particular. How can those who live in glass houses throw stones?

Museveni of Uganda, rules his people with iron fist and manipulates the constitutions to allow him to rule till death do him in and groomed his son to take over, he essentially murdered his opponents and democracy in Uganda, do we expect anything different from him than support one like him and that he understands Kirr and supports him? As I write his UDF are already fighting for Kirr at the frontline, so what is new here other than making it formal and now with kenyan support?

In Kenya the Kenyata’s tribe have ruled and monopolized power and economy which kirr is copying for his Jiengs in South Sudan. The Kenyan President himself is a wanted man, so why will AU and international leaders give us those with blood stein in their hands to mediate?

Is it surprising they would throw their weight behind Kirr who clearly has destroyed democracy in South Sudan and now have massacre women and children in the capital Juba, in the footsteps of these leaders who pledged him their supports?

Kirr committed the first sin of recruiting tribal militia; the same that initiated mutiny among them after Kirr ordered those opposed to his rule be arrested to include Riek. This same militia went about and killed women and Children and the elderly of the Nuer people not too far from Kirrs Palace and to say these leaders of Uganda and Kenya support such and these are the very same one to mediate who are now throwing threats here and there?

If these East African mediators are honest, they should and must condemn Kirrs Massacre of Nuer people in Juba, Which they have not done till today. Without which, Musevenis Soldiers who are already in the front line are now being Join by Kenyan soldiers to come and complete the genocidal ethnic cleansing of the Nuer people started in juba by Kirr. Is this really what Nairobi and Kampala are advocating for? Are they prepared for this?Have they really understood this?

Let the Kenyan and Ugandans ask themselves very carefully, when they join Kirr in the front line, who are at the other end of the firefight?

The answer is very simple; at this point it is the very same Nuer people who are fighting for their dear lives, preventing being wiped out by Kirr as he started it in Juba not just to topple Kirr. Their fight is a direct response to kirrs intents and massacre. Do the Kenyan and Ugandan wants to make it easy for Kirr to complete his work of genocide and ethnic cleansing?

I am not a Nuer but a very concerned Southern Sudanese and I must warn the Ugandan and Kenyan, the day you step into this war, it is the day the wait if over for the rest of us. We shall not stand by and see our Nuer brothers and Sisters wiped out by combined forces of Kirr’s tribal gangs and his foreign mercenaries. The rest of South Sudan shall join in and we shall fight it out to the very last man.

Given Museveni armies are already in the front line for Kirr and if Kenya too joints them, they have already lost credibility of being neutral and they should abandon mediation to Ethiopia and other world leaders, unless they are ready to participate with Kirr in genocide he started in Juba only halted by Riek and his forces.

Kenya and Uganda must not swallow kirrs poison and buys all that he says, The rest of South Sudan is watching closely, instead of pouring water, they are pouring gasoline and the fire that shall flair as a result, they will find it hard to extinguish.

He who maintains Silence in the face of massacre is a murderer

Dr Peter Kopling Joseph can be reached at [email protected]

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