Did you know that President Kenyatta and Museveni are Criminals in Eastern Africa?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

December 31, 2013 (SSNA) — For those who do not know the background of the two gentlemen, they might say that the two can participate in the negotiations and mediations of the current crisis of South Sudan caused by lack of democracy in the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) but for those people who know them very well, they are not legitimate and absolute to be in a roundtable discussions. Their presence in the discussions will make disagreements among the members of the Sudan People Liberation Movement that is going to be lead by Mother of the New Nation Mama Rebecca Nyadeng and Taban Deang Gai base on the BBC report on the 31th of December 2013 plus other members from Kiir side as well.

Since the beginning of South Sudan crisis that started on the 15th, 16th and 17th of December 2013 when the Republican guards clashed among themselves in Juba Capital, and most of that, had been caused by lack of meetings from the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLM).

Mr. Museveni of Uganda and his counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya involved themselves in South Sudanese politics which is confusing the world at large as we are speaking, others are saying, President Museveni might be kill by South Sudanese people if he get involved in South Sudanese issues because Kampala is not far from the Republic of South Sudan Capital Juba. Others are of the view that, he is just putting President Kiir in to “hot soup” so that Kiir head might get burn and be in exile for lives in case he survives from the current war that is taking place where the most three states that had got 98 percent of the oil revenues had been under control of Dr Machar and his Army because no one will say South Sudan Army is not divided.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni had been known as a Dictator in the Eastern Africa and now he want to be known in the Africa continent which will never happen if am not mistaken. Kaguta thoughts may be South Sudan politics is like Uganda politics where he is using Money and gun to hold power for a decade and more interestingly, Ugandans are cowards that always feared with a gunshot. He always assures Ugandan that, “he came to power through Military Coup where he took leadership through gun, therefore for anybody to take power from him need to go to the bush and fight like the way he came in to the Leadership where he had marginalized most of the people of Ugandans” hence I think Kaguta might have forgotten the diversity of the people of South Sudan, he thoughts maybe he can threaten so that he can achieved whatever he wish to happen in the Republic of South Sudan which will never happen.

Secrete from President M7, is that he does not need someone who is more intellects then him, in term of popularity, thinking capacity, democratization and even an academically. Most of his colleagues who studied with him when he was in Tazania, when he was doing his Degree in Political Science and Economics , they say Kaguta was very good in bribing lecturers that is why he graduated, therefore when contextualizing the way he was talking, he had seen that bribing of Generals in the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) and Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) did not manifested ,he had use another strategy of creating war within South Sudan territory by giving wrongs influence that will crack down the dictatorial regime in the Republic of South Sudan.

Coming to someone like President Kenyatta who came to power using wrong ways that had been doubted by the International Community and the world at large, cannot even involve himself in South Sudan issues because, he alone lacks good leadership skills and most of Kenyans are divided and more so he is a number one criminal in the Republic of Kenya and his Deputy where the International Criminal Court (ICC) is still looking for them for the war crimes against humanity. How can a number one criminal be a chief negotiation and mediation in South Sudan issues?

The way I am analyzing the current issue in the republic of South Sudan, it will be only the two leaders in South Sudan to solve the issues using the good mechanism that adhere the principles of good governance and respect for human rights within the party and South Sudan.  

In every Country there are issues that do not need another Country to help militarily but for the case of President Museveni interest, he is trying to help the second small dictator in South Sudan.

President M7 forces will never do anything in South Sudan territory since he (Museveni) failed to defeat the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) lead by Joseph Konyi for over 20 years. Looking at the Museveni threats to take UPDF soldiers to go and fight South Sudanese people who opposed the South Sudanese Dictator from delaying the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) convention.

Having viewed and contextualized President Museveni word is nothing to the South Sudanese people who are looking for Democratizations to prosper in the Republic of South Sudan. Hence I think President Museveni thoughts South Sudanese are like Uganda who are cowards whom he always threaten and that is why he is in power for many decades, I think he was not informed that , South Sudan comprises of many tribes who are very strong that cannot be intimidated by the word of “mouth”. The IGAD body is not neutral at all, since the beginning of the South Sudan crisis that started on the 15th of December 2013. Mores so , their vision was claiming to intimidated the Sudan People Liberation Movement Members to have only Kiir to be in power like President Kaguta of Uganda who had dictated the fellow Ugandans for a decade.

I think, he (Museveni) and Uhuru Kenyatta President of Kenya who came through power using illegal means cannot do anything in the territory of the Republic of South Sudan.

In South Sudan tribes are volatile compare to Uganda and Kenya where citizens can be intimidated in one way or the other.

The author is Independent Journalist who had written articles extensively on issues of democracy and human rights. He can be reached through;[email protected]

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