Salva Kiir presidential guards: Stop feeding Nuer with dead Nuer rotten fleshes

By Mun Koang

January 1, 2014 (SSNA) — What has taken place in south Sudan national’s capital Juba was an ill-fated incident that should have been circumvented by all causes if south Sudan has a genuine leader, sadly that is not the case our president Salva Mayardit shown to the world that he doesn’t fit to lead.  Nuers were killed in Juba like flies by the order from their own president in South Sudan national capital however; there was no single word from President himself thus as to ease the grievance victims’ relatives. President didn’t condemn the death of Nuer innocent civilians who were slaughtered by his home militia.

Days after the incident Salva Kiir came up openly and admitted by saying that, what about those Dinka killed in Akoba and Bor were they killed by my presidential guards too? See! The president in this case Kiir was more concerned Dinka killed in revenge attacks in Akoba and Bor or elsewhere, but failed entirely acknowledge the root cause of the incident. Where it happened? Who started it? Why in national capital? The SPLA forces under defected Maj. Gen. Peter Gadet Yak took control of Jonglei state for several days, imagine if Peter Gadet forces were Salva Kiir presidential guards, and those 40,000 Dinka civilians who escaped to Lakes were Nuer civilians all them would been killed.

This demonstrates that president Kiir is nothing but a tribal leader who only cares about his own tribe. It’s all started when SPLM political leaders requested the president to convene SPLM political bureau meeting. That worried the president to death and left him with no choice but to resort to the violence by prematurely and rudely reminding his former vice president that since he Salva Kiir took arm he never betrayed the cause of his people. He was referring this directly to Dr. Riek who defected in 1991 due to lack of clear objective within the movement SPLM.

Mind you, South Sudan independence came about through the will of people of South Sudan. President Kiir didn’t match to Juba and take it over by forces from Jallaba when he was a rebel still is. It was through peace accord which gave South Sudanese a right to vote. Now that we have a democratic country; it is the constitutional right of every South Sudanese to compete for the top seat in the new nation. It is totally outrageous that the president who himself was voted to the office by the people would become thus angry about being confronted politically.

South Sudanese all over the world know that happened was not a “failed coup attempt,” instead its President Kiir himself who ordered his presidential guards to be disarmed and then only the Dinka presidential guards to be rearmed which directly headed to the military clash between Nuer and the Dinka members of the presidential guards. President Kiir didn’t stop there he went further gave a unlawful order to his militias the so called presidential guards to exclusively attack and kill Nuer soldiers, officials, civilians in Juba.

Their main objective was to go door to door and kill everyone Nuer in the area. They set houses on fire and destroyed some using military tanks; not to mention these are hopeless innocent Nuer civilians. There were several residential areas inhabited by Nuer, but the ones affected the most are: Gudele, 107 and Manga, these areas were 95% Nuer and Kiir presidential guards with exception of some Nuer who managed to escape to the bush were all killed.

Those who went to Gudele, 107 and Mangaten afterward found over one thousand bodies of men, women men, and children killed and left there rotting. Personally, I have brothers, cousins and relatives whom I lost in these two areas. The South Sudan president Kiir at the same day ordered curfew which gave time for his presidential guards to move the bodies using military trucks to undisclosed locations and tossed the bodies where nobody could see them. To make things worse those displaced Nuer at UN compound are now being targeted.

There were eight men and 15 women who captured by presidential guards on their way to stores to buy food. Eight men were forced to eat the rotten fleshes of their fellowmen and women killed by the same presidential guards four men managed to eat and the other four who refused were killed instantly. As for the women, one woman is being rape by six men and shot at if refused. These are crimes again humanity! Sadly, United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNIMISS) has failed to report on this. Despite of that, UN representative Hide Johnson went ahead praising president Kiir for his willingness to empty dialogue. Take note of this, the Nuer who are fought for several days  didn’t fight because of Dr. Riek Machar as Makuei Lueth, Awani Igga, Lumoro, Kuol Mayang and Salva Kiir himself want people believe; rather they are fighting because their mothers, fathers grandpas sisters and brothers are brutally butchered in Juba by president’s security guards.

Three simple solutions stop the fight:

1. Kiir must immediately apologize to Nuer for killing Nuer civilians in national capital.

2. Kiir must immediately release all political detainees without preconditions.

3. Kiir must advice his mentor Museveni to pull out his troops from South Sudan’s territory.

If those three solutions are not put in urgent practice, three million Nuer left will resist and fight till the last man. To those other tribes that are watching Nuer being lynched in Juba, you better be prepare for the worst because when Nuer finished you are next.

In summary, the people of South Sudan had in the past endured many hardships and December 15, 2013 incident would have been avoided if Kiir accepted and convened SPLM political Bureau meeting.  However, the president and his IGAD partners failed to acknowledge that and the death of innocent Nuer civilians killed in Juba. They failed to address the reason why there are 50,000 Nuer civilians in UN compound in Juba. With exception of Ethiopia Prime Minister the rest of IGAD leaders and UN representative are just bunch of criminals. They are praising Salva Kiir who has murdered thousands of innocent Nuer civilians in a cold blood. My condolence to the late Dr. Lul Kujien who was picked up in Bor by the so called  SPLA soldiers from UN compound along with eight other Nuer and shot dead while UN peacekeepers are standing by watching.

Mun Koang is a South Sudanese reach him: [email protected]

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