The Structure of the Kingdom in South Sudan!

By: Makako Paul Gatyiel

January 3, 2014 (SSNA) — 99.9% of the Nuer community voted for the incumbent president kiir in 2010 general elections by the then autonomous government of southern Sudan, but it is now as if they have voted in vain simply because they have voted for a person who in turn kills them.

Ladies and gentlemen, first and for most, I would like to pay tribute to 15, 16,17 and 18  December up to date victims who were/are killed by their president kiir due to their ethnic identity [Nuer].

President kiir created an unforgettable bad legacy in our history as south sudanese. Imagine a life of 5000 plus Nuer innocent civilians that perished within seven days’ time? The good thing is that president kiir has admitted the murder he has committed, but he is still ordering his Gelweng militias whom he had recruited from his own state Warrap to deal away with any intellectual Nuer so that he/she would not claim power from the kingdom in the future. The genocide that had and still happening in Juba city has never happened in the country as well as the whole world. Nuer are dying like flies in Juba, they are targeted according to their ethnicity by king salva’s administration. King Salva, Prime minster Telar Ring Deng, and the rests of the kingdom officials like Kuol Manyang, Dinka_Nuer double face Barnaba Marial Benjamin, Riek Gai Mayardit etc. must know that the whole Nuer community lost confidence on the kingdom.

The Kingdom’s secret structure was discovered and the setting goes from family to family like this: King Salva is the first, Kuol Manyang would be his successor, Makuei Lueth will be the third King after king Kuol, the fourth King will be transfer to Warrap but they are deceiving James Hoth Mai and Mr. Riek Gai Mayardit to work as prime ministers during the Kuol and Makuei regime respectively. However Dinka_Nuer Double face so called Barnaba Marial will be given an enough Dollars for him to leave the country abroad, where he will be burry due to the fact that his dead body will have no grave in Nuer Land as well as the whole country.

Meanwhile, Simon Kun was promised that his son will work as the special secretary by the time King Kuol will rule.

Kiir and his Gelweng has satisfied of killing innocents Nuer civilians as such they gone to another style of capturing and forcing them of eating the dead bodies of Nuer civilians. The evidence of this had been verified at Mangateen where three men and a one lady were forced to eat the dead flesh of their relative whom they {Gelweng} have killed. The men were asked to choose from the two, either eating it or die.

Those who have refused that punishment were given a bullet on their foreheads, unfortunately those who ate the dead human flesh as directed to them by the Presidential guards passed away recently with the exception of one who was taken to Nairobi.

In fact, the government of Kiir had been in plan for more than eight years to single out Nuer tribe in the country, which means that Kiir doesn’t want Nuer to exist on earth.

The Nuer community lost quarter of their entire population, which will take a hundred years for such a gap to be compensated.

I believe this government will continue to kill these innocents Nuer civilians if the Pro-democracy fighters doesn’t take action against it, because I have seen that Gelweng are still moving at night door by door killing Nuer who are hiding in their houses.

I am urging the international community such as EU, AU, as well as the UN to put pressure on the dictator Museveni whose soldiers were captured in Bor town supporting Kiir, otherwise, Freedom fighters will do their best to capture even Museveni

In conclusion,

For south Sudanese to enjoy or smell freedom they have to unite and rally behind freedom fighters under the leadership of Dr Riek Machar Teny who has been and still working hard to democratize our beloved country to fully end tendency of dictatorship politically or militarily.

Long live people of south Sudan!

The writer is a concerned citizen of south Sudan; he can be reach on [email protected]

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