Comparative Analysis About South Sudan Crisis

By Peter Gai Manyuon

January 6, 2014 (SSNA) — For the last three months, I have analyzed the South Sudan’s political crisis in many angles where most of the government officials said, I was critical on their government which is not the case because I am also a South Sudanese who is also under the Government they are leading . 

However ,there were  articles where I analyzed the politics of the Republic of South Sudan, and I gave the solutions and how it was suppose to be tackled but all in vain there was nothing that have been taken seriously by the party officials.   Below are the links of the articles that I mentioned clearly what might bring the problem to the newest nation in due time and all of them had been published by the South Sudan News Agency website and more interestingly, it had right now became facts due to the current crisis in the Country where more than thousands lives had been lost:

Hence, if you revised the South Sudan News Agency website and read through again my articles, you will find that it seems like I have predicted the ongoing crisis.Many peoplehave begun sending me messages that my analysis were real and other do not acknowledge the way I have contextualized and viewed the politics of the Republic of South Sudan.

More so, we all know that on the 15th of December 2013, there had been a clashed fighting within the Republicans guards of the Republic of South Sudan and there had been also a lots of atrocities that targeted civilians based on the ethnicity and within the three week, there was a serious fighting accompanied by killing from the both sides where some Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) from the forces loyal to President Kiir were killed and were not mentioned for the public to know and other causalities that are going on. The question now, is who to be blame for the crisis? Most of the people are blaming President Kiir and his advisers of taking the Republic of South Sudan to the civil war because there are some advisers who have ill advices that are misleading the President to work in the conductive environment.

Others International Community is blaming Kiir of delaying the convention of the Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) where the party Chairperson can be elect or chosen democratically but did not happen up to date and the war erupted due to the opposition within the SPLM members who also called themselves liberators and prominent Officials of the party.

Most of the people globally have leveled the current crisis of South Sudan as the problem of the party leadership known by the name Sudan people Liberation Movement (SPLM) which had been erupted due to lack of compromises between the same members of the ruling party in the republic of South Sudan.

More interestingly, what I have noted with concern in my Country South Sudan is that, people do not listen to writers advices; they just took them as jokes of the day which is not the case. The role of the writer is to Educate, inform, predict based on analyzing and entertain sometimes but the case of the new nation, people have different perceptions that, if it is Mr. so and so advising, I cannot listen to it. People are judging themselves on the personalities and tribes which is not the case.

Keys Advices to the people of South Sudan

Now we have seen it , the country is now in darkness where many lives have been lost in the newest Country and fighting had been going on base on tribal ethnicity which might take the people of South Sudan to square one ,if am not mistaken. Who will come from heaven and solve our current crisis if we don’t advice ourselves on the mess that is going on right now?

What message can we send to our politicians to put aside guns and come to the roundtable discussion, which mechanism can be identifying to solve the issue?

In every crisis there must be a reason or solutions that follows, fueling the current crisis through taking side in our writing and our reporting will increase the spread of the violence in the Country, and more sequent the regime might be push out if the current war continues because we can judge now, within two weeks ,three states are in the control of the Former Vice President Dr Machar and his loyalists, the question is ,what if it continues for another two weeks will it not reached to the capital city juba?  We should not deny that both sides have momentums in fighting and all of them have strategies to plan.

Conclusively; as South Sudanese people, we should have love among ourselves and we should put forward democracy and respect for the rule of law in front of us and therefore; we will gain a momentum of excellent among ourselves as South Sudanese people with the same objective which is justice ,peace and prosperity in our new nation.

The author is Independent Journalist who had written extensively on the issues of democratization and human rights in the Republic of South Sudan. He is currently writing a book on corrupt and tribalism in South Sudan. He can be reached at;[email protected]

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