What is behind Equatoria Conference in Juba?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

January 13, 2014 (SSNA) — I was very impressed and excited about the aims and vision for the Equatorians conference that was conducted on the 10th of January 2014 in Juba by the three Governors of greater Equatoria States known by names of Wani Konga, Bakosoro and Luis Lobong respectively.

More interestingly, they gave the title of the event as “Emergency Equatoria Conference, January 2014” and their main aims is recalling South Sudanese collective struggle for decades against injustice, Inequality, dictatorship, marginalization and oppression from the government of Khartoum by then ,when Sudan was still one and also they were Concerned of the tragic loss of lives destruction of properties and displacement of thousands of people as a result of the failed coup attempt in Juba on 15/12/2013 according to their statement which I read but the question is, was it the “failed Coup” or conflict of interest within the party?

However, they also stated that, they condemn in the strongest possible terms the use of violence as a means to achieving political power ,they strongly denounce the use of Tribal loyalties to achieve or maintain political power that tend to foster tribal hegemony and more so they condemn victimization of civilians regardless of ethnicity.

And they concluded their statement by saying that, they support the democratically elected Government of the Republic of South Sudan, and its constitution, and stand to defend it. And they also assured the people that, they shall protect the people and properties of Equatoria and the Nation through massive mobilization.

Analytical projections about the Conference

First of all, there had been fake conferences that had been conducted by the people of Greater Bharelgazal and Greater Equotoria in the mid of the year 2013 where Equatorians organized their conference in Nyakuron cultural centre and people of Bharegazal organized there in Wau but the people of greater Upper Nile denounce the conference and they said, the aim and the mission of conferences was to create division and instability in the Republic of South Sudan which is not the mandate for the people of South Sudan to hate themselves base on ethnicity ,tribes and culture.

Basically, what I have contextualized or what had come to my intelligentsia is the prediction when I wrote an article about the conferences that were conducted base on primitive and distractive way of disorganizing the unity and prosperity of the people of South Sudan ,where I said “ what will benefits South Sudanese from Regionalism?” the article was published by one of the Independent Newspaper known by the name Juba monitor Newspaper Daily where I use to write in my column title;” Educating nation” many people called me ,other were appreciating my projection but other were telling me that Regionalism is good to be pronounce from that very time since last year 2013, from June I never wrote something about denouncing regionalism because some people begun to look at me with bad eyes up to date.

I ironically, what I have just noted from the three Governors or the two conferences that were conducted in Juba and Wau was an indication of the ongoing crisis of the Republic of South Sudan where most of the Nuer were massacre by president Kiir loyalists, because what made it very ridiculous and offset was isolation of one tribe out of many in the territorial of the new nation.

Who can deny the fact that, Kiir and these three Governors were having ideology of destroying the democratization principles of the Republic of South Sudan? 

Who can say, these three Governors need the peaceful co-existence of the society like South Sudan?

Who can deny that, these very three fellows including the shortest man in the whole cabinets of South Sudan have dung the big grave of our President Kiir Mayardit in Juba?

Logically what do you think is the interest of these three Governors in South Sudan context literally?

First of all, they are protecting their positions from the President of the Republic of South Sudan General Salva Kiir Mayardit because if they don’t promote the interest and aspirations of Mayardit they might be decree out from power in no minute.

Secondly, they have seen that, government of Salva Kiir is almost going nowhere since there had been a lots of defections from the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA) joining Dr Machar forces who are claiming of liberating the Republic of South Sudan from dictatorial tendencies from Kiir Mayardit and his loyalists which they also claimed to be mastermind of the President ,they are viewing what might affect them incase South Sudan government full in to Dr Machar forces as they are saying they might capture Juba very soon, they want their voice to be heard so that they might not be taken wrongly by the people of South Sudan.

When looking for the momentum and the velocity of the three governors that have reached the level that they said, they were aware of the negative impact of prolonging the conflict; Mindful of the need to maintain the unity of our nation and people, One Nation, one People; believing in an inclusive and comprehensive process to resolve the issues pertaining to the conflict. Determined to find peaceful and lasting resolution to the current political conflict which is not their aims but rather they are just fueling the ongoing crisis, what can come to your mind here my dear compatriots and my fellow contemporaries in the school of thoughts?

In my conclusion, I would rather advice those culprits who are talking nonsense who are advocating for the word “coup” which is not the case. They should refrain from exaggerating issues and facts.

The author is Independent Journalist who had written articles extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan; you can contact me through;[email protected]

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