Call for Justice: President Kiir and VP Wani Must be Held Accountable for Nuer Genocide in Juba 2013

By: Jang Chol

January 13, 2014 (SSNA) — Since the horrific killing of the civilians in Juba on 15th December 2013, I have been hearing people crying for justice hoping that the government of South Sudan will talk about the Nuer Massacre in Juba and held those who involve accountable for the crime they committed against the humanity. Surprisingly, the government has consistently been accusing the opposition about unjustifiable attempted coup against the government, instead to dealing with the crisis responsibly. The infiltration of fighting!

I am here to inform the world that genocide was committed by the presidential guards (mainly Dinka) with the order of the president to kill innocent Nuer. The UN and other organisations reported that over 1,000 were killed. Unfortunately our government took a partial position by refusing to publish a correct number of people killed in Juba or attempted to stop the killing of innocent people. I am one of the survivals of the Nuer mass killing that happened in Juba and I witnessed the situation. Below are the numbers of people killed in Juba and those who are affected by the conflict in Juba from 15th– 30th December 2013.

  • 1000 University graduate who went to Juba to look for work were killed simply because they are Nuer.
  • 1000 SPLA soldiers and policemen were killed while on duty to serve lives from 15th – 23rd December 2013 in Juba.
  • 2300 civilians including civil servants and youth were killed
  • 1000 children under 10 year old were killed a long side their parents
  • More than 3000 people still missing
  • More than 2000 Nuer people wounded and denied access to medical services by the SS government.
  • More than 18,000 Nuer escaped to UNMISS compounds for protection.

Therefore the total number of people killed was 5,300. Perhaps these figureswill help the relevant institution of the government and human right organisations bases in Juba to initiate a rigorous investigation about the Nuer massacre. The dead bodies were put in the big containers and bury them in mass grave outside and inside Juba by the Loyal Forces of the president. They also placed some dead bodies in the containers and throw them in the river. Unfortunately, the media was prevented to report on killing of innocent Nuer or to know what the killers were doing with the dead bodies, relatives were denied to bury the bodies of their love ones.  I strongly advice the international community to consider what occurred in Juba serious, investigate the cause of it and held those who involve accountable. I will help with the investigation of the scent should I be alive.

The government has been conveying a misleading messages to the community alleged that the conflict was not a tribal conflict while the loyal forces were specifically targeted and killed Nuer in Juba because that was what they were instructed or oriented to do by the President Kiir. Neither Dinka, Cholo nor Equatorian was killed in Juba and those who killed Nuer in Juba were all Dinka, the so call the presidential guards.

For that reason, I believe that this is a tribal conflict. If the president intended to target the communities’ member of those who opposed the SPLAM direction, then, the loyal forces perhaps would have killed other nationality of South Sudan. This would have both the legitimacy of the government’s claim that this is not a tribal conflict.

The so call government spoke person, Makuei Lueth failed to define coup as the government claimed. He has been distorting the cause of the conflict and condemned ‘white army’ for what happened in Jonglie. If in fact, the government was to deal with this crisis responsibly, perhaps what happen in Jonglie could have been avoided. But what the so call “loyal forces” did in Juba after the president announced the curfew was intend killing and elimination of Nuer. No one talk about it event now from the government of South Sudan. This is an indication that the government take side and that it perform it duty in the tribal line. Furthermore, if any civilian was killed in Jonglie I guessed that could have been through cross shooting between the army forces.

Finally, the civilians particularly the white army weighed war against the government simply because the government they voted for killed their innocent children who went to Juba for business and looking for work. Not because they were mobilised by Dr Riek Machar.  

The SPLA freedom fighters that joined the opposition did so because their families were killed while they were on duty in Unity State, in Jonglie State and in greater Equatoria region protecting the sovereignty of South Sudan. How on earth should a family of national army soldier plan coup when the father/mother is serving the nation elsewhere?

I call upon the government to show leadership this war. I will keep you update on new development in Juba.

The author of this paper is resident of Juba and can be contact by [email protected]

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