Ugandan President Admires Juba Genocide

By Micheal G.K. Gatwic

Bor, January 14, 2014 (SSNA) — The Grandfather of tribal militia that carried out genocide in Juba lives in the State House of Uganda.

The President of Uganda Yoweri Museveni, the ruthless Oppressor of the Great Lakes Region, decides to use a coward mean of destruction to kill democracy for a reason (oil money) best known to South Sudanese. Sooner or later, the food forces that are given to Kiir by Museveni to protect Juba’s genocidal regime will regret.

Museveni who is already drunk with Uganda’s politics, the man who cannot even afford to compensate all the survivors of a brutal “Atiak Massacre”, which was committed on the 20th of April 1995 by Uganda’s ruthless Lord’s Resistance Army/Movement (LRS/M) is the real mastermind behind the December 15 genocide in Juba. Now, Museveni is following the same path LRA/M took in 1995 when it carried out genocide in Amuru District.

This time, Museveni, the self-imposed strong man of Uganda, recently intensifies his air campaign against rebels’ positions in Jonglei and Upper Nile States in an effort to try to save his embattled friend Kiir.

The Ugandan fighter jets and helicopters renew their bombing campaign on the 8th of January 2014 with objective to commit mass killings or even to poison all forces that are loyal to Riek Machar. Air attacks in rebels controlled positions are continuing as I write this correspondence. It is clear to me that Kampala wants to commit a second genocide for blood money, regardless of what the world says.

The International Community should punish Museveni for singing a genocidal song with Kiir!

To citizens of Uganda

Ugandans should know that South Sudanese are not against you, the person we are against is your president and some of his trusted confidants. We know them all by names, no problem!! Please, understand that we will win this struggle despite the consequences. You should also know that your children (Uganda’s soldiers) are losing their lives here in South Sudan because of Museveni’s love for blood money. We feel sorry for your loses because we know they were forced to come here and fight against us.

Please, tell Museveni to:

  • stop buying blood money with humans’ lives.
  • compensate all the survivors of “Atiak Massacre” before meddling in our affairs.
  • stop acting like Idi Amin Dada.
  • stop lying to Ugandans about the fates of their dead sons whom you sent to fight against us because of blood money.
  • stop telling Ugandans that their sons died in car accidents or heart attacks when they were in fact killed in South Sudan fighting for a war they have no idea.
  • leave South Sudan now.

Salva kiir has already killed more than ten thousands innocent civilians in Juba alone and yet, the blood-thirsty Kampala old man who supposes to play a neutral role prefers killing over diplomacy.  Here in our beloved country, the flaming question on every South Sudanese mind is: Is Museveni in his right mind?

Uganda’s Museveni is the Conspirator of the December 15 Juba Genocide and he must be equally held accountable for the crimes Kiir’s tribal militia committed in Juba. Museveni is the admirer of South Sudan destruction and he must be held responsible.

The author lives in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

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