Only the mentally dead would want to continue under President Salva Kiir!

By: Jac Ramba

January 16, 2014 (SSNA) — While I believe that power should be transferred peacefully in our nascent if we are at all to develop, I don’t think that President Salva Kiir Mayardit is still relevant for the leadership of this rapidly disintegrating country known as Republic of South Sudan.

Who out there is waiting to be told  that  the peace talks between the delegations that represents the oppressive regime in Juba on one hand and those representing the new armed dissident group formed of the true sons of the land has stalled.  I bet by now you already know that the negotiators have failed to strike any deal.  And how could, when IGAD which largely represents the interest of the rotten leadership in the region is given the mediation role?

Any lack of progress in the Addis Ababa talks has been largely a result of the inherent weakness and lack of impartiality by the mediation style offered by the IGAD team and their patronizing attitudes towards the dissidents’ position.

The main reasons for the stalemate in talks can be summarized as follows: First on the list is President Salva Kiir’s unstable position on almost everything. Secondly the position expressed by some irresponsible African leaders like Museveni of Uganda who has chosen to be a part of the problem than the solution, has also complicated matters the more. Thirdly the dubious way how the Ethiopian lead broker shuttles his mission between Addis Ababa and Juba is also worrying.

For example how could it have convince anyone that the mediator’s last few trips were a good mediation when his visit to Juba that was mainly to convince President Salva Kiir to deliver on a priory promise to release the political prisoners and have them flown to Addis Ababa to join the talks turned into him the mediator convincing the prisoners to accept to remain in detention and have nothing to do with the negotiations (be that a cease fire / cessation of hostilities or any others…

It was and still is Salva Kiir’s lack of understanding and  appreciation for democratic principles in his SPLM/A , not ignoring its negative ramifications on  the life of citizens in general is set to move in  this nascent, that has without the least doubt set the pace for whatever destruction  engulfing  the country at the moment.  Things have always been crookedly done under Kiir’s leadership, while he only seeks the satisfaction of his ego to remain in power unchallenged and indefinitely.

For the people of South Sudan to breathe a new breeze of democracy, freedom of expression, the rule of law, Salva Kiir, his tribal militiamen and his Gogrial thugs of the secret security forces and wanton killers of innocent civilians must be brought down in whichever way and method!

They have continuously murdered and assassinated innocent civilians, intellectuals and politicians in the name of state security that is not there.

Salva Kiir is leading a regime that has killed and assassinated its own citizens than it has built schools or hospitals or employed the youth.  His thugs must also go, first to the ICC, then to the dust bins of history. Here I rest my case!!!

Join us in the march to an inevitable change for a better South Sudan by spreading the word and sensitizing people in your communities to work for a people led change that they badly yearn for. When this change comes, please my people remember to embrace it as it will be yours and never let go of it.

This is our walk in a long journey to free ourselves from the tyrant called Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Gogrial Kitchen cabinet and other puppet associates.

Can we the people of South Sudan now see an end to an over eight years of tyranny imposed on us by the so called liberators who turned oppressor? The answer to this question lies in how you react to the wider call for the second liberation that is now in the making!

Neither Museveni or the indicted Uhuru and Al Bashir will prevent the people’s revolution in South Sudan from becoming a reality and move towards the full realization of its aims and goals. Our eyes are set to achieve a country free of tyranny and One-man rule! We will win!

Can you get fair representation in the army or the security organs under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get quality education under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get infrastructures under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get clean water for all under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get freedom of expression, freedom of press and true multi-party democracy under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get a rule of law under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get a government free of tribalism under Kiir ? The answer is NO.
Can you get a clear and genuine separation of state powers to executive, legislation, and judiciary under Kiir ? The answer is NO.
Can you get government transparency and accountability, under Kiir? The answer is NO.
Can you get tribalism, corruption, lawlessness, gender discrimination, kleptocracy, dinkocrasy, visionless, directionless leadership under President Kiir? The answer is YES and we are fed up with it. Enough is enough!.
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