Uganda Recaptures Bor, SPLA Claims Responsibility

By Micheal G.K. Gatwic

Bor, January 18, 2014 (SSNA) — Juba has become a seat of revolutionary lies and propagandas. It was not long ago when Uganda’s president declared war against South Sudan’s rebels because he needs free oil money from the South Sudanese President Kiir. Both the people of South Sudan and the International Community know that there is no need for the SPLA to keep lying!!

If you wonder about the title of my article, you are not alone! But, if you really think that the SPLA recaptured Bor, then you are either a liar or believer of Juba’s lies and propagandas.

SPLA announced that its forces took back the strategic town of Bor on Saturday.  One wonders how president Kiir’s once mighty tribal militia who killed innocent civilians in Juba on December 15 last year failed for three weeks to recapture the capital of Jonglei State, Bor.

Can you recall (few days ago) when it was announced through media outlets that the capital of the oil-rich Upper Nile State, Malakala, was recaptured by the rebels? I am sure you know what I am talking about here. The SPLA only acknowledged its defeat in Malakal after the United Nations (UN) admitted that Malakal is under the control of the rebels.

Ugandan’s fighter jets and helicopters started to strengthen their air campaign against rebels’ positions in Jonglei on January 8 and the bombing campaign has been continuing since then. The truth is that Uganda air campaign forced the rebels to withdraw from Bor on Thursday morning and completed their withdrawal on Friday evening because they want to re-asses their next moves.

As I write this letter, I can confirm to the entire world that Juba-backed militia, SPLA, and their Ugandan counterparts are here in Bor town but they arrived here 12 hours after rebels withdrew from the city.

President Kiir’s tribal militias plus his regular SPLA soldiers tried many times to recapture Bor from the rebels but failed awfully with heavy causalities inflicted on them. And now they are claiming that they defeated the rebels.

But the masters of lies and propagandas in Juba who always prefer lies over the actual image maintain that their forces recaptured Bor on Saturday. It would have been better for them to declare to the entire world that Uganda’s troops recaptured Bor from South Sudan’s rebels and not the SPLA.

The president of South Sudan Salva Kiir who designed the fake coup against his genocidal regime turns out to be the most power-hungry man in the history of the Republic of South Sudan. What surprise most South Sudanese is that Kiir is the one who planned the fake coup so that he can eliminate his political opponents. What a leader!!

President Kiir, the man who rules our country through decrees is no longer a trusted leader because he commits serious crimes before including the recent Juba genocide.

Again, I would like the whole world to know that Uganda has recaptured Bor and the SPLA is claiming responsibility as if it (SPLA) defeated the rebel forces.

The author lives in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

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