Indict Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit

By: Daniel Abushery Daniel and Luk kuth Dak

They say: "Never do anything wrong that they can take a picture of"

January 24, 2014 (SSNA) — History is filled with dictators who ruled their nations with iron fist, bringing untold suffering to their people. Of course, that is not true of all rulers, for some of them rose to power to serve their countries. South African former President, an emblem of peace, the late Nelson Mandela and US President Barrack Obama are exemplary. 

When it comes to South Sudan, the exact opposite is true. Benny Salva Kiir Mayardit has decisively abused his power for personal gains and to the detriment of the Nuer people in what will go down in history as one of the worst single day’s massacre in the capital Juba. As we speak, Kiir’s racing to the top of becoming the world’s most brutal dictator ever, only second to fugitive and ICC indictee, Sudan’s president Omer Hassan Ahmed al Basher.

Fortunately, the entire world community has come to believe that South Sudan’s conflict was a creation of a deeply rooted hatred harbored by Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit against the Nuer people in general and Dr. Riek Machar in particular. Atrocities and hostillties against the Nuer have been relentless. Members of the Nuer community are being beheaded and gunned down in the street of Juba, including those who were loyal to the regime.

To his advantage, Mr. Kiir has almost all of the Dinka intellects in his corner. Apart from a handful, namely Entrepreneur Just Maker Bol, Professor Majok Arou, and of course, the widow as well as son of the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the Dinka think tank machine is stone silent, almost gleeful to Mr. Kiir’s efforts to wipeout the Nuer people. 

Apparently, even though Mr. Kiir may not have pulled the tiger or fired a single bullet at the unarmed Nuer citizens in Juba, there is no shadow of a doubt that he had ordered those organized crimes, and deliberately failed to protect helpless civilians, who had nothing to do with the adversarial relationship between him and senior SPLM party leaders, the majority of whom ended up in detentions. But the rule of thumb is “when massacres are committed, consequences follow.”

The world has a moral obligation to see to it that Benny Salva Kiir is indicted for crimes against humanity. And as far the Nuer people are concerned, the demagogue Kiir has lost the legitimacy to be President of the country. How can he effectively govern after he ordered the massacre of citizens under his care, for absolutely no crime other than the fact that they were Nuer? Consequently, those heartless Nuer who continue to serve under this murderer must take a stand, and in a hurry. Not doing so will have some severe consequences, the least of which is being held accountable for the massacre.

What we really need at this juncture is for all of the Nuer people to move back to our homeland. We don’t need to be in Equatorian’s land, or the Dink land for that matter. We have enough land and resources of our own. So let’s go back to Akobo, to Bantiu, to Fangak, and to Nasir, knowing that this nightmare will somehow come to an end.

More to the point, there is one chance, and one chance only that will bring this Nation back which is Kiir’s admission of the fact that there wasn’t a coup attempt. Consequently, all political prisoners must be released, Kiir’s tribal armed militias be disarmed and face Justice for the atrocities and heinous acts they committed against innocent and unarmed Nuer civilians. That should be coupled with the formation of an interim government which will be charged with drafting a permanent constitution, and prepare the country for general elections.

Lastly, the Juba Nuer massacre and the involvement of Ugandan troops in an internal crisis must be investigated thoroughly. Otherwise, nothing will be called united South Sudan! This is a serious matter!

They said the devil is in the details!

Don’t get us wrong, we are not war mongers, instigators for revenge or for continuation of this horror; we are peace loving people asking those who are still serving under a tyrant and thuggery regime to quit before it’s too late.

The incident that occurred to the head of the most powerful branch of the government, “according to the country’s constitution,” the speaker of the August house H.E. Manasseh Magok Rundial during today’s rally in Juba, when in front of everybody a Microphone was instantly grabbed off his hand before he could finished his remarks to the audience, was a living proof of “read my lips” we don’t want you here!

Kiir and his associates are going to pay a high price for the atrocities and barbaric acts they committed against Nuer civilians, being harsh on Unmis personals in Bor; calling them names is a last kick of dying horse, always accusing whoever politically differed with him by having “a parallel government working in South Sudan” in all his speeches is illusion and madness, and lack of vocabulary and English wording. Beside, lack of leadership style and enough knowledge. Who would blame him? After all, the man is uneducated and uncivilized human being. And for Makui Lueth of information Ministry by not knowing the fundamental role of UN with his law background, astonishes, and a big embarrassment to the regime. I couldn’t edit this paragraph because I could not grasp the gist of the content. Either delete or rewrite to clarify.

The United Nations representative in Juba, Hilda Johnson who was closely following all the political games that were played by Benny Kiir said it best after evacuation from Juba to Kenya’s capital Nairobi. And we quote; “we all like to have peace, we all just pray for peace. Let the people of South Sudan change from their perception that there was a coup. This is a wrong concept from the President and his followers, and there is no coup that has been planted. President Kiir is the one who is fighting his own government.”

That’s what breaks the Camel back!!

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