Reply to an article: Indict Mr. Salva Kiir Mayardit

By: Justin Maker Bol

Is it masterstroke of misrepresentation or a compliment Daniel Abushery Daniel and Luk Kuth Dak?
Life is about full balance & moderation. “Don’t let today’s emotions ripple tomorrow’s dream”.

Dear, Daniel Abushery Daniel and Luk kuth Dak

January 28, 2014 (SSNA) — In an ideal world when a friend wow a friend, They first contact each other as it has always been the norm in many other projects I have shared with Luk Dak my good friend.


However, this time things went different and my name was mentioned on a charged article with serious claim of indictment of the president of South Sudan Mr. Salva Kiir “To his advantage, Mr. Kiir has almost all of the Dinka intellects in his corner. Apart from a handful, namely Entrepreneur Justin Maker Bol, Professor Majok Arou, and of course, the widow as well as son of the late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, the Dinka think tank machine is stone silent, almost gleeful to Mr. Kiir’s efforts to wipeout the Nuer people. “

How did Daniel Abushery & Luk Dak assumed my position? Was it malice, misrepresentation or a compliment?

Firstly,I have had a number of the discussions since the beginning of Dec.15th Events in Juba and intellectually we came to odd positions on how the events unfold. It is true that what took place in Juba on Dec.15th was a coup against the elected government of South Sudan and the government has the mandate to defend the nation.

Secondly,I was invited to participate on the article  “ Dinka Intellects: your silence speaks volume” by Luk Dak. But, I declined the invitation and made my opinion very clear that the situation is fluid, and any contributions at this point may be construed to ignite violence. It is very difficult to strike a balance approach in explaining the events to an average man in South Sudan, I attested.

Thirdly, I have also expressed my position on Late: Garang’s family “

Rebecca Nyandeng and Mabior Garang” on my face book page and Luk has commented more than once on the topic.

I find it absurd that he put me in the same category with Garang’s family while he is 100% aware I am at odd position against this senseless killing of Nuer, Dinka or any other human being for that matter. I respectfully refused to get engaged in a tribal war. It was Rebecca Nyandeng who went on BBC the very same time Juba was under attacked screaming " Nuers are being slaughtered at streets in Juba". It’s my believe that because of such irresponsible wards the shooting started in Bor and Bentiu respectively. She is mother of a nation title she has never campaigned for. As a matter of principle she should have been neutral during the events and called for calm like she did during the lost of Dr.John Garang.

It is important that we rise above the common wisdom of violence as the means to settle disputes among ourselves.Wards are very powerful tools and must be utter with care.

It is true that some people of good will Nuers and Dinkas alike have acted with bravery to safe the lives of their fellow Countryman and I have heard heartbreaking stories of people who died protecting their neighbors in Bentiu, Bor and Juba.

For the record, Daniel Abushery and Luk Dak have deliberately or unintentionally misrepresented my position in their article. I support the elected government of South Sudan and strongly denounced any attempt to interrupt democratic process. I also condemned the killing of innocent civilian, Nuer, Dinka and any person who fell victim of this senseless war and I am encouraged parties involved have ceased the hostilities. May the lord bless our country and people!!

The author is a business man and he can be reached at [email protected]

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