Why government and the rebels do the same?

By: Weirial Puok Baluang

January 29, 2014 (SSNA) — Peace is very important in the life of human being, should there be a peace in a certain place, than life pursue effectively without any obstacles. South Sudanese people from different ethnic groups have been working tirelessly for the independence of the than autonomous government of southern Sudan.

It is a surprise, that south Sudanese of this (century 20th) are the most tribalist than the south Sudanese of the former century (19th) what is the problems? Why should a civilized, educated, and intellectuals be worse than the primitive people of 19th century?

The rebellion of last December has returned our beloved country ten years backwards simply for the politician’s interests. The two warring parties (SPLA and the SPLA in opposition) under president kiir and Dr. Riek Machar respectively must consider the national interest better than their party’s interest.

To begin with, the rebels under the former vice president Dr. Riek Machar Teny who in one way or the other lead to their rebellion last month of December have done few atrocities and human rights violations in some parts of the country especially the three greater upper Nile states of (Unity, Jonglei and Upper Nile) compare to the government who did the most according to the Human rights primary reports. The evidences of these are the killing of the people in Akoba and Malakal simply because of their ethnic identity as the result of the anger from some Nuer people whose family members were killed in Juba Massacre. Also the rebels have looted the two markets of Malakal and Bentiu, Upper Nile and Unity respectively.

To come to our government under President Kiir Mayardit, our respective government was democratically elected in the 2010 former Sudan general elections, therefore any change must also prevails democratic principles. President Kiir was sworn some days later from the time he was elected by the south Sudanese including the author of this article (Weirial) to fully protect the lives of every south Sudanese citizens irrespective of their ace, tribe, or gender. Therefore, any mess in the country must be blamed on him simply because he is the one in charge of the country. He must not hesitate from criticisms and other things against him. President kiir has burn his card by listening the advices of the wrong advisors who are the one that dragged this country into chaos nowadays. Should he( Kiir) abstains from listening the evil advices from the wrong advisors, than he would automatically became the fourth unforgettable hero after Late Dr. John, Aggrey Jadden and Samuel Gai Tut. Salva Kiir and his groups including his former deputy Dr. Riek and comrade Pagan Amum, the former SPLM secretary general have managed to make southern Sudan a Republic of South Sudan. I hope south Sudanese will never forget such a marvelous achievement.

Government in the whole world is responsible for the protection of human being and his/her property, unlike our government who is now killing its citizens, looting and burning their properties. The live examples of these atrocities and human rights violations are happening nowadays in Unity State where government had retaken from the rebels last three weeks. Government is the only body which is liked by the people simply because of its commitment of protections. But it will surprise many of you that south Sudanese runs away from their government and sided with the rebels whom favor them positively. Before the retaken of Bentiu the capital of unity state by the pro_ government forces under president Kiir from the rebels under Dr. Riek Machar, Unity state citizens were living freely without fear of their lives and properties losing. But when the rebels left the town of bentiu, than government controlled the town, people were expecting positive treating of the government to its bentiu citizens. Unfortunately, Rubkona County (a 5km north of bentiu) was burned to ashes after Mayom County which was the first victim.

In the same day of burning Rubkona, the government forces burned Bentiu town into ashes except Mr. Munytuil and relatives’ homes. People scattered and left the town after some people were killed in the watch of Munytuil and his group. Unity state capital is now out of citizens as I write. The remnants of those who did not went to Leer, Koch and Mayiandit counties went to the UNMISS for sheltering.

Some days later the government made a convoy, trying to go southward people were expecting it to go to control the oilfield known as THARJIATH, from there civilians did nothing rather than letting them go because they were considering them as government at the first, unfortunately they burned a commercial area known as Nhialdiu payam under Rubkonti County into ashes. They went back to the state’s capital.

After two days they came out, people were expecting it to go to control THARJIATH oil fields again, but unfortunately; they burned down Guit County into ashes. Than the so_called our government forces went back to the state’s capital.

Two days later they had planned to advance to THARJIATH, but civilians realized that this is not the government they expected. The civilians agreed that, in case their government does the same burning of houses as they did two the three counties of (Mayom, Guit and Rubkona) than they will better make a resistance. Government went and burns down Koch County the oil rich county in Unity state and went back to THARJIATH oilfields that had controlled. The day before yesterday, a strategic payam known as MIR_MIR payam under Koch County was burned to ashes.

Now the government forces have been killing innocents’ civilians in the areas they had controlled after they failed to go and burn down Leer and Mayiandit Counties as the results of humiliated resistance from the local populations. How a democratically elected government cans know only one region by the name greater Bhar el gazal? Is it because our president hails from there? Why the pro_ government forces do transferred the looted properties from Unity state to Warrap and NBGS states?

Why the government does kill its people? Those question need to be answered by our respective government.

Governor Nguen is feared by Unity state citizens since people are kills by the SPLA and his brother’s millitias known as SSLA in his watch.

To make it worse, Mr. Munytuil has influenced these so-called South Sudan liberation army (SSLA millitias ) based on clan. Those millitias who are fighting alongside the SPLA does not even know what the country mean, they only know the nine clans in Unity state ( Dok, Haak, Nyuong, Jagei, Jikany, Bul, Leek, and Panaru) due to the fact that Bapiny Munytuil the brother to Nguen is an illiterate. These millitias are headed by the fake Major General Puljang Top who has never seen other states in our country leave alone military intellectuality.

Key recommendations

As I narrated in the beginning of this article that, peace is better than all other things on the earth we must have to consider the following:

1) respect the ceasefire
2) respect human rights
3) avoid destruction and our own properties
4) avoid killing based on the tribal identity as happened in juba

Should we implement the above recommendation in our new nation, than we will automatically get ourselves in the second world rather than this bloodies third world,

Long live our country South Sudan!!!
Long live our people South Sudanese!!!

The author is a student at the University of Juba; he can be reach on [email protected]. Note: all the above are the views of the owner of this article.

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