Is it a conspiracy to kill one ethnic group in South Sudan by Kiir and M7?

By Yien Lam

Is it a conspiracy to kill one ethnic group in South Sudan by Kiir and M7 that the world does not know or South Sudan is a province in Uganda?

February 2, 2014 (SSNA) — As its independent has been celebrated only twice, South Sudan is the newest nation on earth that got independent in 2011 without a single bullet being fired. In other word, it is the country founded by the help of the world’s power that including United States, United Nations and European Union on the principles of democratic rights in which its people should exercise. It became the youngest of the 193 Nations on earth. This was praised by all Southerners as well as any living creature on earth. It was the one of the phenomenon that the world has ever witness after along 21 years in struggle.

Immediately after the independent, president of South Sudan  Salva Kiir  differentiates himself with what the country was founded from and slipping into dictatorial way of governing in the newly nation by using degrees to eliminate whoever he does not want  and announce the one he wants . This became wily tactic to deal with his opponents and becomes a norm in south Sudan. Not only that, it eventually took the u-turn and started his nasty job of stealing 4.5 billion US dollars and signed military deal with M7 of Uganda. The deal was not known by southerners. It was done in secrecy till it revealed itself on December as to eliminate only one tribe in the country. If that is intention, as it has been witnessed on December 15, 16, and 17 and so forth, all doubts were erased by this delivered mass killing. Only nerdy folks are remaining ambivalent in this issue.

As the situation became chaotic as it is, Salva Kiir may be happy of killing innocent Nuers for the intention to eliminate them. But let me tell you this Mr. President, you are not a God and will never be one to eliminate Nuers. They were created like you and no human being has ever right to eliminate them as you and your likes may have mistakenly been thinking of. You were flattery wrong and you will bear the burden of what you already initiatiated even though you brought with you mercenaries to kill your own Country innocent people.Mr. President, I bet you, it is better to live with them than bringing them. In this case, President Wisdom must base on logic and rule of law not on the tribal line. Because president lacks logic as proved, innocent Nuers civilians would have not been killed by the president thugs. This tragic death happened because this president is unable to handle the country affairs. He does not even know how important the life of human being is. He poorly thinks on the tribal line that was proved on the December 15, 16, and 17 evident. If it was not so, the innocent Nuers civilians would have not been executed simply because they were Nuers. A rationalized president could not have done that at all. Only one who is preoccupied by the tribal ideology did it.

In such a scenario, would that be a president of the country or tribal one? As the things remain as such, Mr. President, it would be better to know what the president means than loving the name without doing its work. It is a shame for you to allow another president from sovereign nation to command our own. This is an embarrassment not only to you but to all South Sudan as the nation because this will remain in the history of the country for ever. Valuing the power than the country and its people is another important piece of the history. It may not be now. But will be the case in future because the country is now being run by the outsider.

For that reason, is south Sudan a province in Uganda or is it conspiracy by the government to compromise its sovereignty to m7 to kill its own people?  To answer the South Sudan question of being part of Uganda or not, has something to do with the fear of being ousted from the power as it seemed to be the case now. Yes for now in my view, South Sudan seems to be part of Uganda in theory because everything militarily is being run or guided by Ugandan soldier. But remain to be seen practically. In anyhow, this question will not quickly be erased as long as Kiir regime remains at large. It will remain so, unless Kiir regime is being pressured by outside forces. Otherwise, the mystery of it being a part of M7 country will remain as such for the days to come if not months. I think this is the fact as the issue is being seen at the moment. It has been seen as such since the second anniversary of the south Sudan independent. Is there anyone that could deny these facts in South Sudan? Believe it not, only those who shamelessly gave up the South Sudan sovereignty to foreigners that may stupidly say so.

But I truly doubted what they may claim this time around because government dollars has been seen in action so far. But will truly be regretted by the president and his sycophants whose aim is to destroy the country that we dearly love and produce only intransigency in term of progress in the country issues. In such uncompromising scenarios, how can the country progress if the president and his aides stubbornly refuse to accept ideas of others? Is intransigency only way forward for the country to prosper? Be the judge! To me, it does not because country needs ideas of all kinds. But this is not the case in Kirr’s South Sudan. Coming up with different ideas is being translated as the threat in the country that we all love. So, the supposed government job becomes one man show. That is why South Sudan is in turmoil now and continues to be so, as long as the leader of the country remains to be Kiir. There will be no change in any sector believe it or not.

As the matter of facts, when we come to the question of conspiracy in my view, this has a lot to do with power of the president of the country. Here is why: Kiir has been frustrated by the political opponents that he does not know how to get rid of. Because of that reason, he decided to use a looted 4.5 Billion to eliminate his rival. In order to do that, he started compromising his Country sovereignty to the M7 in order to survive.  There would be no other legitimate reason for him to order his guards to intentionally kill innocent Nuers civilians than M7’s backing. The only one on the back of his mind at the time was rehearsal from his mentor to do so. If it was not so, Kiir would have not killed Innocent Nuers civilians.  He did so because he knew that he has m7 on his side.  This is the only reason behind conspiracy. When you look at this, do you think this is a national president or tribal one? If he is the tribal as it seems to be, why would anyone from the people that he intentionally slaughters their love once still call him as such? Is he deserves still to be called as such?  To me, he deserves not my horror to call him as such because he proves it right that he  is indeed a tribal leader by slaughters his own people that he may rely on in  supposed to be 2015 election in which I now doubted greatly.

Nonetheless, as the M7 and Kiir became an alliance of common interest to kill innocent Nuers and concentrated some in camps in Juba, does the world know this conspiracy of killing only one ethnic group by these two dictators?  If the answer is yes as it has being known by all, why does it take so long for the world to react on December 15,16,17 atrocities? What are the human rights principles in this situation? Are there specific people that the human rights laws applied into or deal with? Should the world continue to allow M7 to slaughter Nuers and continues to do so? The answers of all these questions should come from the world’s power as mentioned initially. As the matter of facts, this country would have not been created without help from the world’s power. If that is so, as I truly know, why does it take so long to see and stop M7 and his newly found friend of interest to kill only one ethnic group in the country?

Finally, Kiir and M7conspiracy is well organized event that was intended to eliminate Nuers in particular. This has been planned by those two dictators for years. But, they failed to know that Uganda M7 and kiir’s South Sudan are completely different entity in term of their inhabitants.  Therefore, these differences needed to be educated to the senior by the junior dictator. In reality if they don’t know, Nuers are not being controlled by force as it may wrongly be interpreted to the senior by the junior as it may be the case in Uganda. This is not true. These are complete different countries that have different people as well as ideologies. This is the message that I could tell these two dictators. As long as Kiir uses force and mercenaries in South Sudan land, the more it is likely to be worsened. These people are not being controlled by force as K and M may have heedlessly thought. They are not, and will never be intimidated as such. They are peaceful people whose strength cannot be wavering by any, and will remain so for life and only fight as the self-defense. If one believes it not, let him or her go to English library in England. The doubted individuals will get more information and satisfy. In this situation, however, world needs to take M7 issue in the south Sudan as serious as it is because it means what it is.

The author is concerned South Sudanese and can be reached by [email protected]

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