University of Juba Nuer Students’ Open Letter

(For Immediate release)

To: Hon. Robert Deng, Deanship of Students
University of Juba

Juba, February 3, 2014 (SSNA) — With deep sorrow let us, first and foremost pay condolence messages to the respective families of our all Nuer students of Juba University who have lost their dear lives as a result of Juba incidence of Dec, 2013/2014 against the Nuer. The Massacre which was started in Juba dated 15th -20th Dec, 2013.

Those, colleagues and brothers, the Nuer Students of Juba University encountered their unnatural death and intentionally killed by special forces, after they had been identified through their ethnic evidences as well as (University IDs) were found.

Therefore, what we can assure/tell these hearts broken families is to just endure the painfulness of having lost those young men (without offspring) in comforts and God’s name. It has never been cowardice for unarmed University students to be killed in a way they were murdered by armed security personnel. However, we cannot (discourage any Nuer to) stop telling the truth of being a Nuer whatsoever the case may be. Additionally, the Almighty God isn’t blamed for having had created a Nuer as one of ethnic groups, in South Sudan.

Dear Sir,

We, the Nuer students in the University are well aware that, University of Juba (UoJ), according to its calendar, had already started Lectures by its all Colleges—so we were in the middle of our studies when Juba Incidence happened on 15 Dec, last year. Which means, all Colleges or some (Colleges) students would have been finished and in their final Examinations this time. But because of those interruptions the University was automatically/indefinitely closed.

Nevertheless, we can acknowledge that, the studies or Lectures, course works are being resumed and examinations are approaching. Simultaneously, we the Nuer students in University of Juba (UoJ) were to be ready for lectures in January/February, 2014. But, unfortunately, as we tried/prepared ourselves to do that, we could only feel the situation wasn’t/isn’t conducive for us to attend lectures, because the same problem which has taken the lives of our colleagues and brothers is still increasingly facing us.

Hon. Dean,

To make matter worse, on Saturday (last week) 1th February, 2014, we have unexpectedly lost two of our students who were just on their way to the University premises, as they were going to check and attend their lectures. They were stopped by security personnel at the roadside, who asked them to see their IDs. When they presented their IDs to the personnel, written clearly “the property of Juba University and must be shown on demand”; they were immediately captured, pushed/snatched into a car- double Cubin and taken to unknown destination where they might have been finally killed. They haven’t returned up to now. For this very fatal reason, we would like to bring this problem into your attention that our lives are still in danger Mr. Deanship of students.

Therefore, we won’t be able to attend lectures or go for examinations during this crisis which has engulfed our country. We have, therefore unanimously, decided to hide for or in part protect our lives. A dead person cannot do anything but a live person, as long as he/she is alive can do everything in the future, including University studies.  Alternatively, we need the University Administration to put into consideration our up to date status.

We cannot forget to admire the University of Juba‘s Administration, all Lecturers and Professors for the remarkable management and cooperative behavior—services we were receiving while in the University. And a special thank and appreciation goes to Deputy Dean of Students, Dr. Adam Sholong for the great concern he shown to us in this trying time/situation we are forced to, by visited us and worries so much about our lives following the incidences. So Dr. Sholong you are indeed one of the leaders South Sudan needs the most and we will never forget the good thing that you have done to us.

Moreover, all our colleagues and students from different origins in University of Juba are hereby informed that what had happened is indeed contrary to our intercultural, intellectual and academic live in the University and in South Sudan as a whole. Only the Republic of South Sudan Government has all prerogatives powers to decide what it had decided. This shouldn’t either hurt our intellectual life or relations.

It had something to do with politicians as we could think all of us, a Political Party’s issue, but to our great surprise everything becomes and ends up against a certain ethnic group, the Nuer, which we belong.

Of course, there is no way for us to avoid all that ethnic identities.

Hence, we are just trying to evade a direct death.  That is why we’re now bringing up this problem of ours before the Deanship of Students and University of Juba’s Administration for further consideration.

We will be looking forward for your positive response.

Sincerely Yours

N.B this letter is not stamped because all our Association properties including, the seal of Association had been destroyed and burned in the Incidence.

Cc. UoJ’s Vice Chancellor
Cc. Principal
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