Salva Kiir dug his own grave and it is our mutual duty to bury him

By Chol Awek Wek

February 6, 2014 (SSNA) — It has been nasty and fretting Chrismas and New Year ever for the young and fragile nation to taste following the well planed genocide against Nuer civilians on 15/12/2103 in Juba by Kiir and his associates. The incident came after a failed plan to disarmed Nuer soldiers deployed as Presidential guards at Jabel barrack in Juba and later fabricated and manipulated by Kiir to implicate his political rivals calling it a coup attempted.

Others views this as tit for tat method used by Kiir associates to eliminate Nuer tribes in revenge of 1991 Bor incident which Salva Kiir has got no business about it, others believed this as work of disgruntle politicians who are vying for position and took advantages of this as political survival under regime of Kiir. Not forgetting others regional allies such as Museveni and Kenyatta who played deadly hand ball in this game by contributing financially and logistically in support of dictatorial regime lead by Kiir to favour the way for their personally interest/benefit in South Sudan not the regional interest as Museveni claimed for. The conflict was designed purposely to assassinated Dr Machar as person and as well as his kinsmen by Kiir masterminded by Museveni to block any democratic change in the region. The move couldn’t surprise anyone as the matter of fact that, dictator Museveni turns to be black horse in East Africa and prosecutor the same time eliminating any good fruit leader with the heart of uniting Africa and introduce rule of law and democratic system.

Unfortunately, the conflict didn’t goes as per their expectation and couldn’t distinguished the target instead implicating the incumbent president as the proverb said” what goes up come down” with the fact that, Kiir and his associates have narrowed their minds to Dr Machar tribes as the only an obstacle to their business which they lastly realized when it’s too late for them to refrain. It’s a surprised to every human being to believe that, the massacre was masterminded by Museveni because of his personal gain and implemented by Kuol Manyang Juuk the defence minister who is not fresh from school, but well aware of the past and the consequences of this war which will absolutely be put upon the incumbent. According to UN report on South Sudan conflict, over 7500 innocent civilians were murdered in cool blood under the leadership of Dictator Salva Kiir Mayardit in Juba and 289 cases of sexual abuses/rapes mostly in government control areas excluding rebel control areas. Other independent report indicated that, Ugandan soldiers hired by Salva Kiir to committed these atrocities were single out to be the most culprits in many government control areas especially in big town such as Malakal, Bor and Bentiu where hundreds of thousand innocent Nuer seek refuge in UNMISS camps.

With all these crimes exerted by social corruption committed by Salva Kiir regime in Juba, the matter seem to have sent clear signal to the whole nation as well as international community to pay good attention and record right from day one to the last day and hold those with the conspiracies in this mess responsible including Kuol Manyang and Information Minister Makuei Lueth who happened to be the driving wheel in Kiir cabinets. Although Kiir as a person may insist by fabricating the matter calling it a coup attempted not knowing that, he has dug his own grave and others folks waiting with wide smile as it is their mutual duty to bury him. South Sudan is bigger than individual interest, hence the culprits will regret and wish if they were to predict the future (fool think that way) and refrain the first.

The author is concern South Sudanese living in Capital Juba and can be reaching through his [email protected]

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