Ugandan Secret Military Operation Underway in Jonglei

By Micheal G.K. Gatwic

Bor, February 6, 2014 (SSNA) — Presidents of Uganda and South Sudan clandestinely planned a Kampala-led major military offensive against Sudan rebels and their leader Dr. Machar in Jonglei State and the campaign is underway. But, this time, the number one goal for Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir is to destroy Machar and his forces and then agree to negotiate in Ethiopia. The operation has been completed on Wednesday and all editors of all Ugandan influencial media houses are given two choices: either report what Kampala and Juba want or go to hell.

Museveni and Kiir believe that they win because there is no country challenging them militarily and no nation is questioning Uganda’s military intervention in South Sudan. The two men make it clear that they will not be deter by strong words from foreign countries. Therefore, the world should not fool the people of South Sudan about peace talks that will not be honored by Kiir and Museveni.

Now the alleged coup has been trashed by the International Community including African nations. The only countries that still believe in that fake coup are Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi. The world must not be fooled by the east African bloody dictators: Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and Salva kiir of South Sudan.

Salva kiir press secretary Ateny Wek Ateny believes that the propagandas/lies-machine, the South Sudan Television (SSTV), is the only news outlet that tells the truth on South Sudan current crisis. On his way to his grandfather’s state, Uganda, Ateny vowed at Juba International Airport that he and his team want to educate the media houses about the ongoing conflict in South Sudan and he is set to educate Uganda’s media outlets. I am wondering if Ateny and his team will go to Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, or Eritrea to do the same thing there.

Intelligence sources in Kampala have gathered enough information linking Kiir and Museveni to a super-military operation planned to take place in all Lou Nuer counties/villages. Kiir and Museveni concluded that Riek Machar is in one of Lou Nuer counties of Jonglei State and they want to destroy him and his forces there.

At least, that is what they think! I would not bother myself for what Kiir and Museveni Special Forces will receive in return!!

It has been confirmed that Kiir and Museveni clandestinely agreed to use stalling tactics in peace talks so that they should try to find Machar hideouts in Jonglei and attack him. I want the International Community and IGAD’s neutral member states not to be fooled by Kiir and Musveni. You don’t need a nother lecture from me because what happened in Juba on December 15-19, 2013, was ill-thought. In those days, Kiir killed innocent civilians who have nothing to do with his fake coup and he wants the world to believe him.

Who would want to believe in someone who killed thousands of innocent civilians in Juba? Again, only Uganda and Rwanda believe in Kiir.

After the 15th of December 2013, Kiir and Museveni never get enough sleep because their evil plan to get rid of South Sudanese Former Vice president Dr. Riek Machar failed!! Anyone who has extensive knowledge of Kiir’s intention will agree with me that the ongoing IGAD-led peace is a waste of time. If IGAD and the International Community really want peace in South Sudan, then, they must tell Uganda to get out of South Sudan. The people of South Sudan must prepare themselves for what could be the beginning of all-out civil war, unless the International Community and IGAD change their current approaches to peace talks.

The author lives in Jonglei State, South Sudan.

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