Destructive Move by Presidents Kiir and Museveni Towards IDPs in UNMISS Compound

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Destructive Moves by President Kiir and President Museveni Towards IDPs and Civilians, UNMISS Compounds/Camps, Juba, South Sudan
February 9-11, 2014

Your Excellencies:

February 16, 2014 (SSNA) — We, the members of the South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights, (SSIAHR), request your immediate attention and official public condemnation for the February 9-11, 2014, inhumane actions, within the UNMISS Compounds/Camps, Juba, South Sudan, which were both authorized and instigated by both President Kiir, and President Museveni.

The following information, Section I through VIII, provides key information, for your review, related to this ongoing tragedy. Actions were taken, by the direct authorization of President Kiir, to deploy Ugandans troops, February 9-11, 2014, for the purpose of harming and killing the Nuer civilians, currently residing in the UNMISS Compounds/Camps, Juba, South Sudan. These Nuer civilians were originally relocated to the safety of the UNMISS Camps, Juba, South Sudan, subsequent to the December 2013 massacres in Juba.

Section I

On the morning of February 9, 2014, SPLA and the UPDF forces arrived at the Tongpiny area of UNMISS Compounds/Camps, to supposedly conduct the routine security patrol to enforce the “Curfew” period. The prompt arrival of additional SPLA and UPDF forces, circling the Tongpiny area UNMISS Compounds/Camps, that has almost led to a confrontation when the SPLA and UPDF Commander forcefully demanded that the UNMISS forces immediate handover all IDPs who were under the protection of the UN forces.   After some hours with tough exchanges, the SPLA and UPDF Commander then subsequently agreed that only the women, children and elderly individuals be allowed to remain in the Tongpiny area of the UNMISS Compounds/Camps; the Commander remained firm in demanding that the UNMISS Compounds/Camps officials handover all of men.

Section II

UNMISS Compounds/Camps officials refused to hand over all the men which resulted in significant theft and damage to private property held by the IDP’s who reside outside the Tongpiny Area UNMISS gates and premises. The SPLA and UPDF Commander authorized for all IDP’s vehicles to be stolen and destroyed the IDP’s site’s public works installations, such as toilets in a massive looting action, on February 9, 2014. The seriousness of the crimes committed towards the IDP’s, by the SPLA and UPDF, is not to be ignored, as these wrongful thefts and the destruction of IDP’s properties, are not allowed, under UN peacekeeping force protection.

Section III

We, the members of the South Sudan International Advocacy for Human Rights, (SSIAHR), implore you to take immediate action, by the means of a public condemnation condemning the atrocities of President Kiir’s continued efforts to massacre the Nuer civilians who are currently residing in the UNMISS Compounds/Camps. The safety of the Neur civilians, within the Tongpiny Area UNMISS Compound/Camps, is being compromised. These Neur civilians are the individuals who have survived the first round of killing in the December, 2013 Massacre, which was authorized by President Kiir. SSIAHR hereby requests that you ask the UNMISS forces, currently working in the Republic of South Sudan, to carry out a thorough investigation, in the Unity State, and the Upper Nile State, at large, to definitively determine the current extent of the Ugandan Air Force’s destructive cluster bomb usage, in these two states.

Section IV

SSIAHR condemns the death and destruction caused by the culster bombs currently utilized by the Ugandan Air Force ( against the civilian populations in greater Bor, Pibor, and the Gukmakure (Mundari area) of theCentral Equatoria State.

Section V

We, the members of SSIAHR, hereby request that you consider taking immediate action to hold Uganda President Yoweri Museveni accountable for involving the Ugandan forces in the destructive efforts in South Sudan, to include your condemnation of Uganda’s use of cluster bombs, a very aerial munitions. Uganda’s utilization of cluster bombs is very deadly; it has repeatedly resulted in the deaths of South Sudan’s civilian population. One of the most devastating discoveries, about the cluster bomb, is the lack of accuracy, as it does not always reach its intended target. Additionally, the use of cluster bombs is one of the UN prohibited Munitions, to be use in any warfare.

Section VII

It is well established that the South Sudan government officials, and their citizens, will have the opportunity to approach peace, within their young country, only after the effective removal of all Ugandan forces. The Uganda troop presence, in South Sudan, is a major deterrent to South Sudan’s effort to internally address peaceful resolutions.

Section VIII

SSIAHR is also asking you to impose a strong sanction on both the Republic of South Sudan government and the Ugandan government for failing to comply with the international norms. Uganda has openly refused to withdraw her forces from South Sudan, and South Sudan is still attacking rebels’ positions and holding some political detainees that the government has agreed to release when cessation of hostilities was signed in Addis Ababa.

Thank you, your Excellences, for your consideration, and the sanctions you elect to take, to genuinely assist with steps towards peaceful resolutions, for the young nation of South Sudan.

You may direct your questions to:

Peter Gatkuoth Wadar Kuel
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