Nuer Community in Egypt Condemns the Killing of Nuer in South Sudan; Says it Was a Calculated Move by President kiir

Re: Statement of condemnation and disapproval of ethnic cleansing against the Nuer

Dear Humanitarian,

Cairo, February 18, 2014 (SSNA) — The Nuer tribe is one of the largest Nilotic tribes of Southern Sudan, one of a group of (63) tribe suffered genocide and brutal offenses carried against us by the Dinka tribe in the newly independent country splitting from Sudan in July 2011 after Independent because of marginalization and dictatorship racism by more than 98% , to board the South Sudanese nation towards democracy, freedom justice, judicial and recover the spirit of brotherhood and friendship between the people of one nation without discrimination and to flourish the economy and infrastructure and provide essential services and the distribution of power not to be build on tribal or regional affiliation, and the citizens enjoy their own wealth instead of East African countries (especially Uganda ) in defense of Dinka tribe. All these aspirations and ambitions are failing under the rule of the dictator Salva Kiir who fake a coup and his militias committed since 15-20 \ 12 \ 2013, killing of unarmed citizens of the Nuer in a way not witnessed in the history.

Liberal Southerner citizens:

Proportion to the weakness of the government of Salva Kiir and lack of ability of management of State systems, he faked a coup to arrest and imprisonment of his rivals to exclude them to exercise political action and to reduce the process of fair competition through the ballot box. The strong evidence of that was the formation of militias ( what is strange is that the head of the State to establish an armed group from his clan to destroy the State, an enemy of himself), he formed about (3000) from his clan to plunge them into the Guard of the Republic , which are called (Gelweng) an accent of Dinka which means ( Cowboys ), they were trained and asked to commit acts of brutal murder of the citizens of Nuer slaughtered and burned them to death , and the murder was systematic and directed to target officers from the Nuer. Also, he intruded foreign forces ( in particular Ugandan ) and other forces in addition to the group of (3000 ) of his clan who receive instructions from His Excellency the President in personal who commanded them on 15 and 16 \ 12 \ 2013 to kill Nuer, the elderly, women and children after being raped.

Righteous Southerners Citizens:

Yes, the issue of genocide of Nuer was targeted and programmed and Mr. President in his speeches showed that he will not allow to happen the events of 1991, in reference to the killing of the educated Nuer men and women in the capital the center of the government, who is mandated to protect his citizens equally without headed tribal or regional affiliation. The Nuer were killed in cold blood, with the knowledge of the President and they were displaced an estimate of 40 thousand Nuer get refuge with UNMISS camps in which found only Nuer rather that the other southern tribes. The Nuer priests were also killed.

Glorious Southerners Citizens:

We are the Nuer society in Arab Republic of Egypt condemn and deplore the practices of (Gelweng) of Dinka tribe of the Presidential Guard in targeting sons in particular in the black events of the days 15 and 16/12/2013, look at how it was killing the sons of Nuer in Juba in the areas of Gudele, Khor William, New site, Lokloka, Jebel and area Referendum and 107 collects inside the building and gunfire them in a brutal way and witnesses said elders in the district of Gudele at the first gate alone there were killed nearly 3,000 thousand citizens this was also confirmed by the report agencies that about ( 200 to 300 ) citizens have been killed there. In Juba alone there were nearly three mass graves of the sons of Nuer. In addition, Nuer students at the University of Juba were murdered in cold blood under the guidance of their fellow Dinka students.

Dear Southerners Citizens:

In the name of humanity we are the Nuer society in Cairo strongly deplore and condemn the practices of the militias of the President Salva in the special black events on Sunday, corresponding to 15-16 \ 2013, in the capital of Juba, which is supposed to be the safest place for the lives of citizens, where the Nuer were exposed to genocide in broad daylight, forcing them to resort to the headquarters of the United Nations. Mr. President did not suffice to evict them from their homes and they were killed inside the headquarters of the United Nations and prevented from food to make them out to be killed again with the participation of Ugandan troops deployed in the city occupying it in the instigation of the President. In spite of all this we are the Nuer society are advocates of peace and love all over the earth and lovers of freedom, dignity and democracy and reject the spirit of tribal, regional and nepotism, as we hope in the second round of negotiations for peace, harmony and national reconciliation, despite what hit us from bad feelings and pain, we hope to live in peace with the people of South Sudan in safely.

Though government forces penetrated the agreement signed January 23, to stop the hostilities and launched an attack on Leer city, the birthplace of Dr Riek Machar Teny, in a challenge to IGAD group by burning the city including its property and the destruction of national infrastructure completely.

Loyal Southerners Citizens:

What is happening now is the homeland is the dropping of the meaning and concept of and blurring the true patriotism, so our message to the nation of South Sudan honorable tribes by standing idle saying nothing is a way to incorporate in the destruction of the State, so it was to be concerted efforts and work together to bring down the dictatorship and the individual rule and to activate the group and the Democratic Action and activate the law and the Constitution inclusive in which citizens are equal in rights and duties and no one is big before the Constitution and the law, and pursuant to repel the process of rigging the next election constructing electoral Commission and independent judicial authority does not keep track of the president and his aides, and claim the composition of a transitional government early and work to the presence of troops from the international monitoring hope for the realization of freedom and democracy and to achieve the aspirations and hopes of the South Sudanese people.

And how does the Minister of Information and Broadcasting does not know what will be discussed by the second party during the second round and said he was going to sit with them to bring peace to the country, while the second party says in the words of Dr. Dhieu Mathok speech to (Middle East) that they are going to discuss the following:

1. Political issues, including the sharing of power
2. Discuss issues of the ruling party and internal reforms
3. Discuss the problems of governance and restructuring of government institutions, the army and the police, the security and other issues of the State sovereignty
4. Discussion of the judiciary and other institutions of justice
5. To discuss the causes of the conflict, which broke out and make investigations and conduct a comprehensive national treatment

Dear Citizens, is it not strange to say the Minister of Information, he did not know what that will be discussed with the second party? Is not this one of the issues to thwart government, leaders do not know anything caught up in negotiations for peace, we will not add any more, and the owner of the mind distinguishes.

Long live the people of South Sudan, free and strong
Long live the people of South Sudan in the social fabric together united
Long live the people of South Sudan independent, and democratic

Note: Stay tuned for the second statement soon

The Nuer Community in Egypt
Cairo, Egypt
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