Mabaan Community in Canada/USA Strongly Condemn the Government of South Sudan Plan to Arm Melut Malitia to Attack Mabaan Civilians Living in Adar

February 22, 2014 (SSNA) — We members of Mabaan Community in Diaspora Canada/ USA are writing to express our deep concern and extremely condemning the government of South Sudan recent move to arm Militia in Malut to exterminate innocent Mabaan people from their territory Adar (Ban Ketta) by using the reason of oil facilities security protection. Where on earth the government allows militia to guard national resources? What is the responsibility and role of national army? We are seriously disappointed with the government conspiracy to destabilize people lives in order to invade their territory. This kind of act is unacceptable and should be investigated seriously.

Malut militia aggression to attack Mabaan in the oil fields is politically motivated by their elites in Juba that undermining the unity of our people. We are calling for the government of South Sudan to stop arming untrained civilians to attack our peace loving people.

The government plan to equipped militia in Malut with weapons to attack Mabaan people in the oil field is not a surprise thing to us, we have been aware of it for a longtime. Our right to get 2% of oil revenues was denied by the current regime that we are not entitle of it, farms has been destroyed by the oil exploration companies, yet Kiir regime denied Mabaan eligibility to get some compensation for environmental damage caused by oil companies.

When you look at Kiir government of A, B, C in Juba, no single Mabaan is appointed, did we complain? If not, why government continues arming his militia in Melut to destabilize our people since they denied our share and no one complained about it? Our position as Mabaan intellectual is very clear that our people should not associate themselves with any attempt to wage war against any tribe but only in self defense because we believe Kiir government is the source of all tribal conflicts who seek to finish our tribes by all means.

These groups of militia organized by the government in the title of oil fields security protection as Melut commissioner said on Radio Tamazuj; violating the rights of territorial integrity and attacking innocent people of Mabaan which is contrary to the principles of peaceful co-existence between the two tribes.

We come to question why Juba government continues to accumulate more weapons to militias and never cease tribal war which is not an interest of the people of South Sudan. They view this senseless war as a business ventures and done nothing to end the needless suffering and massacre of their own people. We are against the government that promotes tribalism, nepotism and policy of divided and rule. Our communities deserve peace and development, not senseless war that planned by dysfunction system in Juba.

We members of Mabaan community in Canada/ USA are blaming the government of South Sudan for dividing people based on their tribal line. They lost the legitimate power and guidance to create the atmosphere of peace; love and harmony live among our society. Such government should be considering as enemy of peace, stability and their influence must be rejected because they did a lot of damage and turn our tribes to hate each another.

We want to remind all the people of South Sudan that let’s keep our hope and never be discouraged with the violence that created by our government to murder his own people, South Sudan is above Kiir dysfunction administration. All of us belong to this country regardless of your ethnicity and have the opportunity to make substantial contributions, both in words and actions to overcome the difficult journey that unwillingly enforced by Juba regime.

The statement is signed and released to media by Mabaan Community in Canada/USA Executive Committee and they can be reachable at [email protected], +12266005560 Ontario Canada.

Mark Eisa, Chairperson
Paulino Kieta, Deputy Chairperson
Philemon Daud, Secretary General
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