Response to Mr. Kwai Rekaboam Akech Kwai, article titled True, Atrocities were committed against Nuer in Juba, but why those against Bor Dinka?

By Peter Gai Manyuon

February 25, 2014 (SSNA) —  First of all, I would like to appreciates and acknowledge the time of Mr Kwai Rekaboam Akech Kwai who wrote an article on South Sudan Nation website and was published on 24th of February 2014 , where he mentioned a lots of things regarding the atrocities committed by soldiers loyal to Kiir Mayardit in Juba as well as the atrocities committed by the rebels; after the republican guards clashed on the 15th of December 2013, where many Nuer were massacre in Juba in good number, and most of dead bodies were buried in mass craves and other thrown to the river Nile. I quoted Mr Kwai; where he said “Many commentators and critics alike are only calling for the release of prisoners. While a call for the release of all political prisoners is a genuine one, why we shouldn’t we call equally on Dr. Riek Machar to respect the lives of the faultless and innocent people of South Sudan irrespective of their tribes affiliation?

I also quoted almost his last paragraph where he said’ I wonder why some writers compare Riek with Mandela? I am curious about this because Dr. Riek Machar has been called the Nelson Mandela of South Sudan. What a disgraceful comparison to such iconic leader”

Hence, intellectually what is the connection of bringing the comparison I made before the crises occur about Dr Machar with nelson Mandela and the current issue?   Condemning the atrocities committed by both parties should have been his article instead; how can he mix something raw with past? Is Mr Kwai have good curative thinking psychologically?

I was very upset and get concern about one of my Country men who have mentioned a lot of things that; he himself is not sure of; what he wrote lacks facts and realities. When I read through it , I got only blaming , where he reached up to extent condemning someone like Peter Gai Manyuon who wrote an article last year on South Sudan News agency website ;which was having part one and part two, where I was calling for Dr Machar to be given one term to be like Nelson Mandela in Africa.  What is wrong with that? Does it mean leadership of the Nation is for clicks of people? My brother Kwai Rekaboam Akech Kwai writes words that resonate and tactful enough then writing rubbish article that lack intellectual dynamism in it.

What is the connection of the Juba, Malakal, Bor and Unity state atrocities that were committed with the article that was published calling for Dr Machar to be given a chance to lead? But I might not blame him because, if I have to response badly, you might run crazy where you are my dear Country mate. But forgiveness and respect for people opinions is what I always talk and advocate for.

Realistically and logically, if you are someone whose psychological blackboard work very well, why don’t you response directly to my article last year then insulting or responding to something which you don’t know the author. Do you think, am not well informed of recognizing what come directly to me as the person? Mind you, you have mentioned and accepted what is going on in South Sudan is not good, but the question is, why don’t you talk to your guys those of Kuol Manyang, Makuei Lueth who are spoiling the leadership of Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit up to date? Are you behind the news of who is failing Kiir leadership in South Sudan? For your information Mr Kwai Rekaboam Akech Kwai, the people who were killed in Bor town was due to the fact that, both Rebels and the government forces turn Bor town to be the fighting zone in South Sudan as well as Unity State and Uppernile State as well. Do you think that, Nuer who were killed in Juba cannot be accounted for? Do you think International Communities should not be given accurate information about raping; looting and killings of the innocent civilians of Nuer Community in Juba carry out by Kiir soldiers where Kuol Manyang Juk is the Minister for Defense? Who authorized person’s to be killed in Juba if not Kuol Manyang who is the National Minister for Defense?

My friend, when we are writings, let us write what is logic enough then creating propaganda that will not work. This time around, propaganda will not work but realities and facts will be paramount by the world leaders globally.

Well, the atrocities that were committed by both sides should be account for without fail with evident as well but exaggerations like what you wrote and was published on South Sudan Nation should be denounce in a strongest term by people like myself, because I dislike nonsense talks that does not promote peacefully co-existence of South Sudanese, respect for the rule of law and human rights, corruption and tribalism in the Republic of South Sudan.

South Sudan is our Country all of us, there should be no promotion of tribalism, corruption, nepotism and dictatorial tendencies that are manifested right now in Juba.

Hence, when you re-read the article I wrote and was published on September 20th 2013 by South Sudan News Agency last year, titled who is who in South Sudan? You will find that, I have mentioned the tribes and the communities that will bring crisis in South Sudan and eventually it had become true. Will you deny that my articles have no impact on people in South Sudan?

I am ready to response to any nonsensical act or articles that does not carry meaning and legitimacy as myself.

Author is Independent Journalist who had written articles extensively as Columnist on issues of Human Rights and Democratization in South Sudan. You can contact him through;[email protected]. He is writing a book on Tribalism and Corruption that is becoming gene in South Sudan; the book will be launch after the crisis come to an end in due time.

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