A baseless support, if not a tribalism-sect

By Deng Turuk Liem

February 25, 2014 (SSNA) — This article is meant to response to an article put forth by Mr. Manyok Mabiei titled “Uphill Battle and Roadmap to Peace in South Sudan” published on social media and Yahoo Groups Email Forums, aimed for public consumptions. The intention of this article deemed to exhort the United States and entire western world to put unfathomable pressures on South Sudan warring parties to accept peace negotiations forcefully as they did against Sudanese warring parties during CPA peace negotiations. He coined seven years of CPA negotiations and its protocols’ forceful implementations monitored by international community as genuine example and extreme mechanism should have been used to speed up the current peace process between South Sudanese warring parties. The second most important obligation that I see fit is to push out two leaders comprised of rebel leader Dr. Riek Machar who fought for total democratic state of South Sudan and Dictator President Salva Kir who is currently ruling the country under de facto South Sudan President Yoweri Museveni. A big criminal brother of East Africa.

Negligently, Mr. Mabiei forgot the Ugandan Army and other foreign mercenary allies who are currently active in killings innocent civilians in South Sudan presence in South Sudan soil and aggregate failure of Salva Kir’s government to release the final four detainees as topmost obstacles that weirdly slowed down the peace process between the South Sudanese warring parties mediated by IGAD in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The ignorance and one-sided motive he possessed have seen as the most dominated discussions in his narrative message that he would like to disseminate to South Sudanese public worldwide aimed for public consumptions.

I personally take it as a wicked fundamentally national discourses and I do not know the reverse from opponent side, otherwise. I will not discuss anything about where the United States stands in this South Sudanese internal conflict and what roles she could have played more than she did because I read many statements from US and other western government officials, and that I exactly understood what they wanted the South Sudan leader to do for them to help him and his people attain durable peace in their country.

Since, I know the United States is a democratic nation that denounced monarchy and merely principled and valued nothing else, but a decentralized system of government condoned a comprised of freedom of expressions, ultimate human rights, independence of government branches and agencies in all levels, and the rule of law. Due to these facts, I believe Mr. Mabiei would have known what the United States has been wanting President Salva Kir to do for her to help him and his people sustain everlasting peace in their country. The fact of matter is, Mr. Mabiei is a tribalsit who constantly writes online simply to promote Dinkacracy and not unify democracy that all South Sudanese are looking for. He is doomed to the inconsistences as himself and his likes in the presidency about how to define a real democracy.

Mr. Mabiei, If I am not mistaken, you have mentioned that there are a lot of lacking in South Sudan and these mentioned lacking things in your own perspectives are security, constitution; education, and conventional or discipline national military, and more. I wondered, if not misunderstood what you meant by military disciples. Did you mean that they would execute order to kill their own mothers, fathers, sisters, wives, children, and distant relatives in Juba on December 16-20, 2013 and elsewhere in the country without asked the authority of why they would kill them because they were military disciples of President Salva Kir, or did you mean they would not revolt against the government that intentionally massacred their families because they were military disciples of President Salva Kir? I am curious. Logically, I was a former SPLA soldier back in 80s, but I am not a military expertise, and that you might be right wholly in your “military disciples” assertion, if it meant something different in military languages.

Most importantly, it seems that you have a magnificent semi-knowledge of these criterions you were writing about. Nonetheless, your sought arguments are wholly poisoned by the insignificance of pointing out a responsible person who started this conflict between warring parties, and your failures to address that have been manipulated by tribalism and corrupt-minded-sect that you extremely share with the president. The so-called “Lion’s Share”. The silliest and offensive term invented by President Salva Kir, while defended rampant corruptions and unbalance distributions of the most powerful national ministerial positions amongst South Sudanese tribes and three regions of previous governing system. Nepotisms vs. Tribalism. What I termed as Have It All System of Salva Kir’s Government.

The reason I questioned authenticity of your article and deeply regarded it as empty rhetorical, is that, Dr. Riek Machar, colleagues in SPLM party, and all gifted South Sudanese, youths and olds around the country currently battling against the authoritarian government of Salva Kir vigorously to acquire a new birth of your mentioned lacking constitutional provisions led us to this crisis in our country. Yet, in contrary, you are still supporting a tribesman who had direly massacred over 3000 unarmed Nuer civilians in broader daylights on December 16-20, 2013 in Juba aimed to everlasting his tenure in office as president. He killed them simply because they were Nuer and Dr. Riek Machar, the main political rival, is Nuer. I have never read you condemning such horrendous tragic happened in Juba last year, instead you took side and now jump to conclusion of pushing out two rival leaders as the sincere mean that will justify the end.

Furthermore, the killings still continue in Juba and throughout the country. All Nuer counties in Unity State have been burned to ashes after Salva Kir’s corrupt government army retook Unity State capital, Bentiu. In Upper Nile State Capital Malakal Gen. Johnson Oliny was officially banned Nuer language after government army retook the control of city for the second time and murdered about 3000 Nuer civilians as result of violated such a city ordinance decried by government army general. Added salts to the wound, Salva Kir shamelessly uses South Sudan treasury to buy and bring home foreign mercenary allies from Uganda and Sudan Revolutionary Forces (SRF), the coalition of Sudanese rebels hails from Darfur, Nuba Mountain and Southern Blue Nile (JEM and SPLM-N) to kill his own targeted citizens by name of Nuer Ethnic coined prevention of government collapsed.

If one could not defense the security of his/her country, politically or military against national borne citizens, it meant that, such a leadership or government entirely lost the realm of country’s governance. For that matter, he/she must resigns and calls for an immediate national elections aimed for peaceful transition of power. Worse still with a provoked lie that we are defending the constitutional elected government. This is a complete provocative lie. When did we hold constitutional elections after South Sudan became an independence nation? A reasonable person should be honest to his/herself and tells truth about it.

The 2010 elections that held under National Constitutional of Sudan’s National Unity Government, had officially outmoded soon after the South Sudan became an independence state in 2011, while created its own new national interim constitutional. We, in South Sudan have only transitional governments. All the governments in South Sudan starts from national government through Buma administrations are transitional governments. We will have an elected national, state, and local governments in South Sudan until next democratic elections are conducted.

Totalitarian leader of South Sudan, Gen. Salva Kir, who extremely failed to govern the affairs of South Sudan for the last ten years, and only known by corruptions, nepotisms, and tribalism and stubborn-sect, is officially a president of the transitional government of Republic of South Sudan. Should Salva Kir is genuine enough and took a stubbornness heart and mind out of lucks, he would have appreciated the South Sudanese for unwavering patience they held by letting him continued leading the South Sudanese with all these enormous corruptions and tribalism practices led to the wickedly massacred of Nuer Ethnic group.

It is a fact that you have been mentioned confidently in certain articles dated back after December 15, 2013 incidents as that, the SPLA Army fought on behalf of embattled President Salva Kir’s side have been fighting to defend the national constitution. The fundamental question is, what constitution do they have been fighting to defend, the one that is lacking, according to your statement, or a new constitution created after December 15, 2013 incident? One would vehemently dare to learn about its authenticity from you. Most importantly, you are not a serious writer to be taken seriously here in these fora because your thoughts are not lining up with your intend topics of discussions, hence, you are always inconsistent with your own facts.

Claiming that Salva Kir didn’t pay real attention to party internal conflicts, it sounds as a mere defendant mechanism, but in reality, it is genuine misleading. It was a furious attempt to defend him in that undefendable front. A baseless supports, if not a tribalism-sect. Salva Kir had been reminded with written official letters by SPLM party general secretary eight times before May of 2013 national convention dateline to elect party chairman who will run for party presidential ticket, but with no avail. President Kir intentionally chose to ignore party business protocol witched to steal a party nomination for national presidential ticket in such cunning manner.

It was President Kir’s personal desired to remain in presidential office after 2015 election had caused the current crisis. His fought to undemocratically attain party chairmanship led him to unconstitutionally dissolve party structures, the move that only spared his office as party chairman. Overall, it was what tailored the dictator Salva Kir to start this baseless war against South Sudanese witched to kill Dr. Riek Machar who vowed to challenge him in party chairmanship as he killed Dr. John Garang De Mabior, the father of SPLM that left him with both the First vice presidency of Sudan’s National Unity Government and the president of semi-government of South Sudan. He had succeeded and got away with Dr. John Garang’s murdered, but he will never do it again in South Sudan. The gone with innocent Dr. John Garang De Mabior’s untimely death, the Almighty God keeps his soul in his everlasting paradise.

Finally, the fullest respects of cessation of hostilities, peace negotiations and final peace deal and permanent stability will only be realized in South Sudan with Salva Kir not in power as president. Salva Kir must step down as president of republic of South Sudan, and the interim government that will prepare our nation for 2015 national elections can be put in place. President Salva Kir is a killer dictator who doesn’t understand what he previously fought for, and deems an aimless dictator who deeply loathes a compelled democratic process in its totality.

The author is the South Sudanese living in the United States. He can be reached at [email protected].

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