Fangak Youth Union Condemns Innocent People Carnage, Disowns an Area MP

Press release—for immediate release

February 25, 2014 (SSNA) — We, the members and in the leadership of Fangak Youth Union (FYU) in South Sudan would like to take this unbearable time to condemn in the strongest term possible, a callous butchery of the Nuer and the people of Fangak in Juba, Jonglei and Upper Nile states. Who, were slaughtered as a result of 15th December, 2013 incidence. Also, we have rejected Mr. James Kok Ruea for not standing together with Fangak people whom elected him as their representative to the National Assembly.

Instead, James Kok is now embracing somebody else against the people of Fangak. Fangak Youth Union (FYU) was formed initially to advocate and defense the rights of Fangak Youth in particular and people of Fangak in general. Therefore, the entire membership of this historic Union (FYU) in South Sudan is condemning that organized killing of children, women, elderly and civilians at random by some SPLA forces. The people of Fangak, who perished in that horrendous incidence, have had no connection at all with political struggle within a political party. Nonetheless they were victimized. So we condemn the wrongdoer(s) who turned political issue against innocent civilians.

We the Fangak Youth since December last year, have been keeping silent, observing and expected our representatives in the government to denounce firstly the atrocities inflicted on the innocent people by country elected Government. Mr. James Kok Ruea, former minister of Humanitarian and Disastrous Management in GoSS who was also elected in 2010 general elections as Jonglei state constituency number one representative. That is, people of Fangak County’s representative in the National Assembly (NA), previously known as Southern Sudan Legislative Assembly (SSLA). For this reason, James Kok unlike other Fangak MPs (party & women lists), is the only Jazeera main representative in the Parliament who could opt for his own people interest.

However, contrary, James Kok has now becomes the government agent who is sucking people blood every day. He had indeed deviated from the mission that he was elected for by the people of Fangak. The man is always seen on SSTV telling unsupported lies on the people behave that the people of Fangak are standing together with or are behind the Juba illicit government, which is not true. In this regard, directly, we would like to enlighten the public that what James Kok preaches on daily basis in the name of Fangak is just his own personal opinion and does not in any way represent the voices of our people. In addition, his words lack popular—grassroots support more so, ours; as the entire Fangak Youth Organization (Union). 

James Kok can be termed as desperate MP who sucks the blood of his own people as we said earlier on and a kind of leader who does not even accordingly pursue people interest. We do always hear from him: That Nuer—people (of Fangak concerning here) were not targeted or killed in Juba, Bor and Upper Nile.  This statement by itself from the lips of James Kok must be too condemned by FYU. The people of Fangak have been in reality betrayed by their own leader and representative. How much money did he bribe for? Our hopes were that Mr. James Kok Ruea should not have sold the lives of Fangak people in the way he has been doing because Fangak County alone lost hundreds of people in Juba, Malakal, Bor and many other areas. Our Big people of Fangak like late Mr. Martin Kueth Paet, Dak Riek Gai, Bamom Dual, Gai Jiel Koryom..Etc were beloved famous figures of Fangak whose death could not be denied by James Kok. Furthermore, those hundreds of people murdered were mostly civilians! They were either snatched out of their houses or intentionally, tortured and ultimately killed by armed forces.

Therefore, we in Fangak Youth Union are all hereby breaking our silence on enormous killing of the innocent people by releasing these statements above.  Moreover, we have anonymously rejected to follow and support a government which can kill our innocent people in cool blood. Mr. James Kok Ruea either who sells the people of Fangak by denying that Fangak people were not killed, ought to refrain from using the people of Fangak as his personal bank account.

Our Unity and Voice is our strength

Long live just peaceful Republic of South Sudan
Long live the people of Fangak County
Long live Fangak Youth Union

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