South Sudan: The Nationalism of Ethnic Hegemony and Destruction

By Mayian Tot

February 27, 2014 (SSNA) — Rather than cultivating a nationalism of self-determination, liberation, independent, equality, freedom and of collective leadership for nation-state building and nation-state maintaining soon after the political independent to foster national unity, peaceful coexistence, service delivery and good governance so as to firmly glue the multi-divers ethnic South Sudanese into a common single entity with a firm national identity and unified imperative ideology wielded to perpetuate a collectively shape destiny and that, every ethnic group have a fair go to lead the nation hence gradually reduce the bitter ethnic revelry and differences’. Especially, that of Dinka and Nuer.

But rather, the said leaders at the forefront derailed from the historical revolution; that is instead of addressing political grievances, adhering to the constitutional rule of laws, resolving socioeconomic grievances, develop strong institutions, build effective transparent and accountable systems of governance to foster development thus build schools, hospitals and devolve practical workable and amicable long-term blueprint in order to salvage and redress the masses thus improved and better their living conditions.

Gruesomely, the so-called leaders deviated to values positions, wealth and ethnic interest over the common citizen’s well-being and national’s interest thus to our dismay, now what we have in South Sudan is clearly a nationalism that inculcating the nation especially that of political and military personalities with spirit of selfish greed, envy and destruction.

Furthermore, the vague nationalism is premise on exploitation, oppression and domination. They Shoulder it on false foundation, it thrives on rampage corruptions, authoritarian dictatorship, the misused of state’s power and concurrently turn it into a genocidal nationalism.

Ironically, this genocidal nationalism is driven by autocratic leaders made up of antireform reactionary mix of ethnic individuals’ headed by tribal elites which used state’s power to further advance its vested destructive tribalistic interest. Their seat for survival rest on being a pro-dictator who in turn encourage corruptions, enhance ethnic domination and the mismanagement of national’s wealth and resource.  

It’s propagandise machine is psychological projection and SSTV is its core media-out late that disseminate the cooked up lies. The mere portray of pro-Kiir government’s officials particularly that of Nuer politician and military personalities on South Sudan’s national television [SSTV] as having qualities of nationalistic characters’ is an utter misleading and deceptive aimed at brainwashing the masses into subversive falsehood.

For these political and military personalities have been manipulated and now represent two destructive agencies to their communities of origin. They are a betrayer and traitor on one hand, and merciless collaborators on other. Their continue collaborations in support for the genocidal regime and its ethnic ideological hegemony which perpetuate domination and sanctions violence as the sole means to annihilate ethnic Nuer in order to maintain clung on power proved their betrayal characters’ beyond a sough of dough otherwise.   

One would Questions such nationalist, for if these personalities possess authentic nationalistic qualities, wouldn’t they question their boss in regard to the thousands innocent unarmed civilians decimated and massacre on door-to-door basis in Juba, later in Malakal as well as those killed in Bor and Unity state respectively. Why didn’t they resign from their positions if they are true nationalist in solidarity with the victims instead they continue to condemn, condemn and condemn the very people fighting in self-defences for their ultimate survival and that of their kinds trap at various UNMISS Camps in South Sudan.  

Furthermore, even the so-called lawmakers of South Sudan are just mere rubberstamps to pass policies and are neither patriotic nor nationalist but an opportunist going along for the ride. For if they are nationalist why didn’t they summon the defense, and interior minister including the head of security agencies to answer why innocent civilians such as women, children and unarmed man of particular ethnic group being decimated on door-to-door types operation.    

Road Not Taken                                   

South Sudanese masses and the leaders of all ethnic divide would have been far better off if they had cultivated a collective coherent nationalism of self-determination, liberation, equality, freedom and of nation-state building soon after the political independence.

This coherent nationalism would have been tasked with sole objective for fostering national unity bases on common identity fomenting nationhood as well as being wielded into an instrument to further cement and glue the multi divers’ ethnic entities to continue the national struggle against tribalism, underdevelopment, foreign economic juggernaut, neo-imperialism, diseases etc.

Moreover it would have been projected as unified ideology to coercion-off external threats – real, imagine or contrived. Forge profoundly out of historical realities and experience, this nationalism would have been premised on core humane and moral values perpetuated collective well-being and equal advancement which ensured that no ethnic group in South Sudan is subjugated or exploited by a group ethnic nationalism.

Mayian Tot is reachable via [email protected].

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