Kiir’s forgive but never forget his inconsistent speech

By Deng Vanang

March 2, 2014 (SSNA) — In mid – February, SPLM Youth League organized its mass rally. It was the first ever political get-together of the party’s faithful since mid-December last year held in Freedom Hall situated along Customs – Malakia – Juba road. Precisely the popular venue always frequented by high and mighty of South Sudan is opposite and stone throw away from Nyakuron cultural Centre. To spice the menu so as to gain the desired value, two notable quest speakers were on hand to grace the occasion. These key speakers were none other than President of the Republic General Salva Kiir Mayardit with his comrade -in-arms and close ally, Honorable Vice President James Wani Igga.  And given the fact that Juba is remiscent of a ghost town reduced to a killing field where several citizens ran away from for dear lives for safer exits, gullible hoi polloi to massively attend were a rare gem. For that matters organizers had to cook their minds to the boiling point of hundred degree centigrade and device better strategy on how to counter poor attendance. It is from this strategy a ruthless mobilization campaign of red terror was mooted targeting city up markets where innocent citizens braving tropical heat and dust were rounded up and frog matched into attendance at gun point by SPLM youth in cohort with newly recruited party’s tribal militant wing, the Gelweng.

Unlike Jesus Christ, both party and government were less mindful about the espoused faith of these cajoled attendees in its doctrine but obsessed with numbers to fill to the brim its half empty house desecrated by constant quarrels and irreconcilable differences. Also the beleaguered party in filling the posh city Freedom Hall with barefooted villagers it previously disowned by failing to deliver them much desired post – war economic dividends was proving appoint to the world that it is still popular with the masses and all is well  despite navigating above the surging tide of rebels’ siege, economic meltdown and diplomatic isolation. The Liberation party organizers in their element achieved the target when they arranged their terrified victims before the blaring loud speakers in what looked pretty much like a war rally. Speakers after speakers starved of audience to address since the day of the so called attempted coup wasted no time lest they missed the fortune of emptying their minds of accumulated trash. The toddler politician in the midst who is none other than Akol Paul Kordit, the all-time omnipotent and omnipresent founding Chairman of the SPLM youth League since time immemorial took his chance on the elevated podium on which stood deafening loud speakers oozing political sophistry of trails and errors. On the stage he let the cat out of the bag much to the chagrin of allied opposition political parties once expectant of an interim government with the ruling wing of SPLM. He was responding to calls previously made by representatives of some of these parties suggesting a coalition government with SPLM wrongly or rightly perceived now to be on its death kneel, roaring and kicking. And therefore, it is only instructive that it is high time for the war vultures to descend and ready themselves for the big banquet or never.

In his emotionally charged remarks, he bluntly rubbished the ill – wishes of forming an interim government despite public perception that although the party would survive what looks like its terminal illness could be having numerous vacancies to fill in following earth shaking departure of members from SPLM/A in opposition and independent group while four more others still gnash their teeth on the death row. In saying in black and white, Kordit might have prescribed the pills too bitter to swallow by friendly parties whose hope he turned into utmost rage at what they may term as the breach of either written or gentleman agreement.

Closely in meticulous step, Igga the holier than thou high priest of the Mama and Baba party seized his turn with all the relish. The self-styled Law Professor took the rather less amused audience through public lecture on Machar history of political crimes which could befit a course titled ‘’Machacriminology’’. He devoted much of his energy and time on how much liability Machar became in the party by planting seeds of discord among the beloved brothers and sisters in the mother SPLM house from 1991 all through the dying year of 2013 and in more years to come. The SPLM Secretary of Central Equatoria State one called Mbugo described the SPLM renegades as exorcized devil spirit whose departure has finally brought the eternal peace in the conflict-ridden party best to the delightfully tickled audience.

While Igga, Kordit and Mbugo fell relieved of finished business in their imaginary battles with the SPLM renegade factions in the bush and abroad, they however, betrayed the hyped reconciliatory tone later espoused by boss, General Kiir who is seemingly ensnared in his own world of great contradictions. Quit an evident the current crisis has taken its heavy tolls in his psyche while he delivered ‘’forgive but never forget overture’’ inundated with a series of ironies to his supporters. In the first instance by talking of forgiving, it means he still believes his forces and dominantly Dinka supporters are aggressed through the attempted coup theory the whole world went scrambling under cover in refusal to believe.  In the same vein the President is busy putting the cart before the galloping horse as he tries to engage full throttle in reconciliation and healing crusade which is only possible long after the raging conflict is brought to a mutual end first and foremost. In a third and final twist of irony, true and everlasting reconciliation he is talking about comes when the aggressed not only forgives the aggressor but also forgets either perceived or actual wrong the aggressor committed as the bygone.

Deng Vanang is the journalist and executive member of the South Sudan leading opposition party, the SPLM-DC and can be reached at: [email protected].

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