Dr Machar, Gen Kiir should not be part of the Interim Government; they are problematic to South Sudanese

By Peter Gai Manyuon

March 4, 2014 (SSNA) — For the sake of peace, democracy, respect for human rights and transparency to prevails in the autonomous of the Republic of South Sudan; the two big people who calculated the current problem to exist in the territory of South Sudan, should be put aside for a while and just wait for their investigation for the crimes against humanity their forces committed in Juba, Malakal, Bor and Bentiu since 2013 to date.

Hence the ongoing proposal by the Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) body should not be taken as the joke of the day by the both parties that are claiming to stick in to the power and looking for power using wrong methodologies in South Sudan. The proposal should be look at in two ways; first of all, people should observe if this proposal benefits the innocent lives of the civilians? Secondly, people should observe the omission and exclusion of Kiir and Dr Machar in this proposal put on table in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa.

Who can not admit the fact that, the both two are the problematic to the people of South Sudan at this particular period of time? Most of the civilians are dying because of being from Nuer tribe or Dinka tribe respectively.

Moreover, they are using the blood of innocent civilians to look for power which at the end, citizen will not benefits from government, now Kiir government is there and was there since after the death of Dr John Garang De Mabior in 2005, and there is no development, only corruption, dictatorial tendencies and tribalism has manifested in people faces in Juba. Likewise to the leadership of Dr Machar, in case he comes to power, still corruption will still exist and etcetera. The question is; why South Sudanese should look for other alternatives? Well; people might ask themselves what are the alternatives that am talking about? Mind you, in the Republic of South Sudan, we are having very energetic men and women who can lead the people of the South Sudan without any ideology of dictatorship and corruption.

Nevertheless, the eradication of these chronic diseases like corruption, tribalism, nepotism, favoritism, lack of democracy in the system of governance, lack of the respect for the rule of law and human rights   need good mechanism from the citizen of the South Sudan to look in to it keenly and objectively with care. 

Now both the rebels and the government forces are denying the claims for the atrocities committed by themselves in this senseless war that have lead to the massacre of the innocent civilians in Juba, Malakal, Bor and Bentiu respectively. People are trying to make propaganda and media war that is useless to resolve the current violence that has escalated to the most of the remotes, cities capitals in Greater Upper Nile of Unity, Malakal and Jonglei.

More interestingly, they have use media as their strategy of trying to create more tension and blindfolding the entire nation in one way or the other. 

Key recommendations;

  • The both two men are the problem causers; they should not be part of the interim government in South Sudan at this particular period of time, neutral body should be put in place to lead the people of the new nation. The number of people who were massacre in Juba, Malakal, Bentiu and Bor cannot be happy of the two gentlemen to still lead South Sudan at this particular period of time ,therefore they should try their lacks in 2015 coming ,if at all there will be elections.
  • Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) and International Communities should look for some South Sudanese from abroad to lead the people to the peaceful elections that might take place next year, excluding all the seventy five (75) corrupts officials from President Kiir group and Dr Machar group as well. No one will deny the fact that, those who took away millions of dollars which was suppose to be use for infrastructures, roads, schools and hospital were taken by both in Sudan People Liberation Movement (SPLM) in opposition and those in the President Kiir government in Juba. Therefore, all of them have no legitimacy to lead the interim government; they should wait for their indictment for the crimes against humanity because they have committed the atrocities by both the government and the rebels in opposition as well. 
  • If President Kiir and his groups does not agree to the proposed agenda and rebels in opposition as well then, International bodies and Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) should bring in foreign troops to flash out the two warring parties and bring in good government with legitimacy to run the Republic of South Sudan for the during of four years and therefore, may be people will come to their senses of togetherness, patriotism and nationalism.

The author is Independent Journalist and Columnist who had written extensively on the issues of Democratization and Human Rights in South Sudan; you can contact him through;[email protected].

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