SSTV, A Propaganda Machine for Psychopolitical Warfare

By Mayian Tot

March 9, 2014 (SSNA) — Propaganda and public relation are profoundly interchangeable they are essentially use to ultra-realities and change public perception through arrays of vague slogan and mind-control manufactured news, opinion etc.

To begin with, our freedom of expression enshrined on South Sudan transitional national constitution is curtail and severely violated. Independent journalist are rounded up, detained, arrested, tortured and to some degree threaten with death. South Sudan’s media establishment virtually operates with limited freedom of press whereby citizens of divers’ ethnic background can express their political opinion freely without fear of harm, threat and reprisal.

Since December 16, SSTV is ever-since embarked on a vigorous belligerent war campaign disseminating censored one sided manufactured news, opinion, views etc. Their propaganda’s news bulletins and headlines are carefully crafted to subversively disinformation its audiences and subsequently brainwash the entire citizens’. The establishment primed functions now appears to be a medium for mass indoctrination force-manipulating citizens to complied and accept biases vehemently without any question.

Different plethora of opinion are denied and repressed, plural news backed with concrete evidence from a valid source are not broadcasted they are by far thing of the past, any propaganda story that support Kiir’s destructive plans and its coup d’état’s narrative is televise no matter what the content incurred. Relentless parroting of ‘coup, coup’ and Dr. Riek characters assassination are the order of the day from ’’prophet of doom’’ to fake flag, to fake currency you name it. 

Objective evidence based news and analysis as media’s core value had suffer major decisive defeat and that, SSTV is a real violent instigator and inciter spreading lies and hatred propaganda dividing the already disunited nation along ethnic-line.  With deep moral frustration a segment of South Sudanese citizens abroad had virtually disconnect their SSTV Channel as it inflict on them emotional harm and manipulated their understanding with pschopolitical warfare. Their consciousness falsified, good thinking minds distorted with independent analytical judgment corrupted, and force to condone blind obedience so as to ethnic allegiant.

The president and his cronies had resorted to dangerous propagandas they categorically defame and insult the SPLM/A IN Opposition’s military and political personalities reducing them to mere criminals. One wonder how will such party leaders reconciliation should there be one as suggested.

Routinely, SPLA partisan propagandists propagate vicious ideological propagandas that seek to reinforce the crumbling state’s order and its status quo. On SSTV, they relentlessly bombard the citizen’s mind-space with psychpolitical violent inciting tribal hate. More so it is an utter shame to see a segment or one ethnic of the same nation being subjected to media bulling and being bombarded with psychological psych warfare on the national television.

This prompt many to question, is SSTV truly an ethnic television or a national entity?

Swiftly, if in facts it is a national television why then there is hardly any balance news, views and opinions that reflect our national’s diversity. Surely we cannot accept diversity reflected only through traditional dance and drums. Equally, diversity is not a drill in one or two ethnic point of views. Our multi-ethnic diversity must accept to in cooperate different socio-economic and political views, opinions and approach in order to forge a unified nation.

Mayian Tot is reachable via [email protected].

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