Press Statement of the President of National Youth Union

March 13, 2014 (SSNA) — The ongoing conspiracy against me was not a new thing. Since my appointment in 2011, there was a lot of roar from certain ethnic community who see themselves as right people for every public office in South Sudan. It was real a tribal greed and lust for power. When Dr Cirino was appointed Minister of Youth, there was serious and heavy pressure on him to remove me from office but due to his patriotism and national stance, he resisted my removal and supported me and my team to continue doing my job. The conspiracy started to come up again when Nadi Arop, the current minister of Youth was appointed, huge pressure was mounted on her but she ignored and continued to support me until 15 December 2013 when the current crisis erupted in Juba. I had to escape Juba to save my life.

On the 14 January 2014 exactly after the thirty days since the conflict erupted in Juba, I received an email from the Minister of Youth office asking my where about and to report myself immediately to Juba and discuss Youth Crisis Initiative according to the mail. I responded by saying, I cannot return to Graveyard Juba after I escape the death narrowly from fellow comrades and countrymen who were hunting me down like an animal simply because am a NUER. I concluded by saying, we will meet in the near future, if we all survive this deadly war. The Kiir government in Juba has lost legitimacy and has no jurisdiction whatsoever to remove me from my position as Youth President. This government which had massacred and continue to killed my people in cold blood in Juba, Malakal, Bentiu, Jonglei and elsewhere in the country have no legal stand to exist.

Since December 15/2013, Kiir and his cabinets have lost the legitimacy to exist in any form. It has become too deform to be reform. This country through one man greed and lust for power was destroyed beyond repair. I don’t recognize the illegal dismissal by genocidal and criminal government who massacred my people and continue to do so in a broad day light. I will continue to represent the youth of this great country who share the view of inclusive process of governance, democracy, equality, justice, accountability, transparency, freedom of speech and association and wider reforms on constitution, judicial, electoral, security, economic and land.

This war was impose on us by dictator Kiir who have totally abandoned the values we fought for against the Khartoum successive regimes to establish democratic, prosperous and just society for all south Sudanese. The struggle for justice, freedom, democracy and inclusive South Sudan will continue no matter how long it takes, we must stay the course. This is a war between evils and good. We must defeat this evil and deadly cancer of tribalism, corruption, intra-communal fighting, and weak leadership of Salva Kiir. Those who continue to serve this bloody and genocidal government have to share the burden and the heavy price for these heinous crimes. I call upon the entire youth of South Sudan inside and outside to continue the struggle for justice and liberty until we defeat this tribal and warlord government of Salva Kiir from power.

Long live South Sudan. Long Live the Youth of South Sudan .
Victory to the masses.
Puoch Riek Deng
President of National Youth Union.
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