Look out Salva Kiir has gone the Egyptian way!

Kiir’s government signs a military cooperation agreement with Egypt!

By: Justin Ambago Ramba

March 24, 2014 (SSNA) — As funny as it looks, no one can under rate Egyptians’ role in the historical suppression of our people’s aspirations throughout the past couple of centuries.

But the crucial question that begs for an answer is:

“Can the pharaohs possibly come to the aid of this collapsing "Dinkocracy"? And why?

What I don’t quite understand is, why is it acceptable for any Dinka led group, organisation or even a bunch of self-seeking individuals to have open deals with the outside world and especially so with the Arabs of Sudan, Egypt, and the Gulf countries and yet the same would have been nationally condemned if it were to be done from non Dinka?

Do not misunderstand me and I am not in any way scared of the Egyptians.

However having a military cooperation with Egypt is a double-edged weapon.

Any Egyptian educated South Sudanese like myself and there are a lot of them, should be worried about any military involvement with this country, to say the least.

When they said president Kiir is vision-less and direction -less, it wasn’t a pack of propaganda as the diehard dinkocrats would want it to look like.

I can’t help myself laughing to tears when I imagine the kind of jokes these Egyptians could have cracked after those of Kuol Manyang (minister of defense) and Obate Mamur (minister of national security) left, leaving the cheeky and cunning Egyptians to themselves.

“La muaa khaza! eeeh doal"

"walnebi fi hadi shaf haagah"?

“La a ya akhuya. Da ana feiylan kutu shaahed"

“ besi eeh, alnaharda alshaheed ma shafshi haga".

"ya gadaan huma dol kanu alhakuma wala almutamerideen"?

"ya amu wa inta zaalaan leh"

"dol huma huma"

“de ana iftakatahum kulahum mutafmeen”

“mutahmen eeh ya gadaa , de ana leash beulaak del huma huma”

“walla hatah mala alaehum fi al asaa elleyladi mush haeftekir meen feehum ditoo defaa , wa meen ffefum bitoo aamn!”

“dee hagah ghareabah awe”

"aslu elyagilak fi wafd elhakuma elnardah , huwa nafsu yegeelak mutamarid baad shahr"

"Busee baa ah aslu dol endahum aadam istighraar gaamda aawi".

"waanebi dah tab-ah museeba"

"wa Masr zambah eeh"

"huma dol mush lesha aileen huma mush araab. Tayeb ma rahush bitua Ifrikiya leh"?

“ya aamu balash wagaa demaag alfaadhi. Aslu al yagilna dahsh naragaho humaar".

Thank you bank masr.

Dr Justin Ramba is a graduate of Egypt’s most prestigious medical institution – Kasr Alainy School of Human Medicine (in early 1984).

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