The Appalling Security Situation of IDPs in Juba and Across South Sudan

Press Briefing (2)

Addis Ababa, March 29, 2014 (SSNA) — The security situation of IDPs in Juba UN camps and across the South Sudan is deteriorating exceedingly. The IDPs continue to suffer brutality in the hand of Kiir Militias who are killing IDPs always at the gate of UN camps or on their way back to UN compounds. The continued mass murder and ethnic cleansing of Nuer ethnic group, who fled into UN camps for safety and protection, constitute serious abuse of human right and crime against humanity. This genocidal behaviour of Kiir and his militias truly reflect total bankruptcy and failure to address governance crisis nationally. The ethnic cleansing undertook by genocidaire Kiir against innocent women, children and elderly people of Nuer does not fully deserve it horrific description. Kiir and his militias, motivated by hatred and lust for power, continue to carry out refined and systematic extermination of ethnic groups among South Sudanese with the sole purpose of thorough ethnic cleansing. The dreadful, inhuman and ruthless murdering and massacre of Nuer civilian, in a cold blood, is a testimony to the cruelty and brutality of the Killer criminal Kiir and his militia in South Sudan. Juba and all government control areas have turned into slaughter house and concentration camp like Nazis camps in Germany during Hitler where appalling crimes and atrocities committed. The tribal ideological concept of targeting other ethnic groups seen as obstacle to Kiir’s expected lifetime presidency is what plunged the country into abyss. The horrifying figures of innocent civilian who lives in UN camps killed by Kiir are seriously disturbing. From 20/12/2103 to 25/3/2014, our office recorded 1045 death and 287 wounded from people previously sheltered in various UNMISS camps across the country. As they go out of the UNMISS Camps to look after personal errands, they are met by murderous Kiir militias who would either rape them and killed them or killing them in cold blood as they try to return to the UN camps. Here below the table showing the places and number of IDPs killed and wounded.



No: IDPs  Killed

No: of IDPs wounded




Upper Nile-Malakal












Unity State-Bentiu






Central Equatoria-Juba

UN House= 169












On the 18 of the March 2014 when Kiir militias attacked Malakal, three women who were collecting firewood nearby UN compound in Malakal were killed by the Kiir Militias as they tried to run into the UN camps in Malakal. On the 22/3/2013, Six IDPs (Nuer) were killed in Juba at Jebel checkpoint at 3pm as they tried to return to the UN house after collecting some food stuffs. Another IDP (nuer) was killed at UNMISS gate as he tried to entered the camp.

On Monday 24th March 2014 five girls (Nuer) were raped and killed at Custom Market in the afternoon by Kiir Militias. On that same evening Monday, two IDPs (1 girl and 1 boy) were killed at Tongpiny graveyard as they tried to pay respect to their deceased father. A girl was raped and killed after she was left unconscious by Kiir militias. We are calling upon the UNMISS to either relocate these IDPs to safer zones or provide military escort to all the IDPs leaving UN camps to collect firewood or access banking services or getting some food items from the market. We are calling upon the newly formed AU Commission of Inquiry (CoI), Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group and the ICC to carry out thorough and independent investigation to these heinous crimes committed by Kiir militia. We call upon UN Security Council, Troika, European Union and the wider international Community to call for the immediate resignation of the criminal and Killer president Salva Kiir from power and hand himself over to the ICC. We call upon the UN and wider international community to apply targeted sanctions to the arrogant leaders who are trying to undermine the peace process by creating preconditions and obstacle to peace and security in South Sudan.


Public Relations Department
Humanitarian Liaison Office
SPLM/SPLA-in Opposition
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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