Why I am opposed to IGAD’s role to mediate peace

By: Gatkuoth Lok

You people of the world shouldlook into the malicious contradictory role played by IGAD in bad faith, the blood thirsty club of dictators which has orchestrated the dirtybusiness of unfaithfully earning the petrodollars, gratuitously contributedby the peace loving countries; Norway US,UK, and others on the claimof bringing peace to our country, however ended up knowingly ignoringthe law of non-contradiction seeing that lesser evil in favor of presidentKiir to remain president for life !!!

March 30, 2014 (SSNA) — The presence of Ugandan troops (UPDF) in South Sudanactively fighting against pro-democracy forces of Dr.Machar has destroyedmany lives in the country. These forces are not only fighting rebelforces but also now haunting Nuer civilians in anywhere they are in orderto execute fullyMuseveni-Kiir’s project of life presidency whose actualizationpresupposes bothMachar’s and Nuercivilians’s non-existence, which ofcourse be applicable later on to other democratic leaders from otherethnic groups and their dear civilians. Such is a utilitarian necessaryundertaking done by power hungry presidents; Kiir and his mentor Museveniof Uganda.

This Museveni-Kiir’s project has become the grandproject wholeheartedly supported by theIGAD and almost all its memberstates embraced the same project for it may not only have a featureof redemption good for them all-life presidency in the 21stcentury but alsohave hypothetical imperative necessary for their progress? What do Imean here? Let us see as follows.

One vital epitomizing factor of hypothetical imperativeis that IGAD is receiving a tremendous support from troika countriesand international community in terms of funds for the ongoing talks. Second factor is the fact that Museveni’s mercenaries in South Sudanare paid in US dollars as sincerely exposed by South Sudan ministerof defence, KuolManyang.

One may ask this question whether or not is evilin religious context, is erroneous morally, dehumanizing philosophically, illegal in legal viewpoint and bizarrepolitically speakingto play agame of both directly and indirectly contributing the continuation ofthe crisis in South Sudan and exerting efforts in bad faith to bringthe crisis to an end.This is the quintessential business of IGAD nowin progress. This business will not help us to resolve the crisis butthe reverse is true.

Let us be pragmatic, that IGAD’s forces in Ugandanmilitary inform arecruelly cleansingNuer civilians using all means necessary, all traditional and banned weapons they have at their disposal and eventhey are using the banned cluster bombs in anywhere nowadays exceptJuba, yet IGAD made sincere appreciations to Museveni’s military interventioninto South Sudan crisis, crowning him as King of dictators. In otherwords,to almost everybody surprise President Museveni was given a thanksgivingbanquet in disguise of IGAD’s summit, in Addis Ababa where Museveniwas praised for his partaking in the work of defeating or killing Dr. Machar, the rebel leader alongside President Kiir’s forces. This hasproven beyond any doubt that it is unthinkable to say IGAD is neutralto continue with the mediation work on peace negotiation between thewarring parties.

Therefore; thisbusiness should be stopped now bythe world body-UN. Without stoppingsuch forces destroying our people, will be equal to my personal suspicion becoming true that Uganda isa close friend to the United States of America that cannot just be actingin such a way without a-yes-do-it-sign so to speak from the US unlesslineal to socialist bloc this time.

If the said relation is not encouraging the Nuercivilians cleansing in Juba and elsewhere then the UN should take itsresponsibility seriously of working to bring peace to South Sudanese. I am proposing that the quest of bringing peace to our people is beyondIGAD capacity so to say. Methinks it is not sacrosanct to say that thenegotiation between Machar’s and Kiir’s camps be done by the UN andnot by IGAD which is mediating the peace talks and sending forces tofight against the rebel. This must stop.

The business of making peace is always done by abody which is fully awarespecificallyof the principle of non-contradiction, which does notpermit IGAD in this context, to be a mediationteam and be part and parcel ofKiir’sallies fighting against the rebels. SoIgadcannot both be peace mediator and peace violatorat the same time under the same respectat the watch ofthe world body, UN.Let us see IGADS choice- explicitlymanifesting where IGADexactly belongs in the end.

IGAD’s summit outcome is the nuclear embodiment ofKiirIGAD secret deal. How can we know this? Look intothis bellow argument to expose IGAD’s position.

We are right now engaged with the act of rationallyproving wrong the IGAD team of negotiation based on truth of facts.

The outcome of the IGAD’s summit is a clear indicationof siding withSalvaKiir’sregime. How?

This became trueforUgandapresidentMusevenihas a strong control over IGAD. How do you know?

We have known this because this body, IGAD is not honest as ofthe beginning, itsmember states did appearto be doing different things, namely Uganda president declared his military support toKiirdespite the fact that it is part and parcel of themediating IGAD. Whereas Ethiopia’s rhetoric objection of Ugandantroops’ existence in South Sudanmade some people to believe that Ethiopia is opposedto Ugandan military intervention in the country. That itsounded to be supporting the rebel, yet that wasnot the case.

And thisevencaused naïve opinion writers to say there emergeda kind of schism amongthe componentsof IGAD, butallof a suddenIGAD member statesunanimouslyendedup deciding the second phase reinforcement toKiirs’sforces. For the firstreinforcementis nowexhaustedfighting in the country incorrectly labeled as Ugandantroops but IGAD’s forces in the name of Ugandan forces since they areall in Ugandan militaryuniform.

The all business of IGAD is in bad faith legallyspeaking and the watching done by the international community and troikacountrieswith their smart effortsexerted, has been in bad faith philosophically speakingtoo, foronedoesnot expect suchanentity as IGAD todothe job excellent between a fellow ideologue (dictatorKiir) and the opposite (democratDr. Machar).

The IGAD’scomponents are almost having one thing in commonfavorabletoPresidentKiir, notably; life presidency is their virtue tohelpKiiroverMacharwho is now accused of fighting a just war andon necessarilypeacefully-politicallypropellingdemocracy into existence inthe country, fabricated a coup attempt byKiir.

Thisbrings us to realize thatIGAD has a confidentialdeal with its members particularly with Ugandan thatdeliberately disobeyed IGAD’s member states pretending mediating peacebetween the warring parties of this conflict.

Hence, the rest of IGAD’s member states didknowinglydeceive the whole world that it has never beenexplicitly andimplicitly supporting presidentMuseveniin his interference in to theinternalaffairs of sovereign South Sudan, militarily.

However; it isundoubtedlyproved rightthat IGAD has a hand inMuseveni’smilitary interference into South Sudan internal affairs, which iscontradicting theinternational law of non-intervention into a sufficientstate’s internal affairs, when it proposed another reinforcement to be sentto South Sudan????

It implies that Igad is both working hard to resolveSouth Sudan crisis in bad faith and to fuel the country conflict morefurther at the same time, then it is blameworthy of the war continuation,forthat reason; it is not neutral to mediate peace between the concernedparties.

Consequently it is justifiable to disqualify it basedupon its intentional unfaithfulness in the mediation.

Kiir’ssycophants, lackeys and darn fools may arguethat IGAD is the right mediation team because it is able to send someof its member states troops to help Kiir’sso-called elected governmentdefeat the rebels and their supporters. Therefore it is impartial notto be changed.

Thatargument in essence, is illogical and non-convincing for we need a neutralbody not co-opted one. It is not rational to obey IGAD to continue mediatingthe talks in question and also sending troops to fight the rebels, thismust be labeled as blind obedience. And it is unwelcome.

Others can also argue that there is no need to complainabout IGAD’s partiality since it helps us defeat the so-called democratscamp of Dr. Machar and cleanse all Nuer people as did by President KiirMayardit on 15 Dec. to date with the help of IGAD so as to institutionalizebenyocracy ( a rule by few Dinka chiefs with their cronies).

First of all, we need an impartialbodyas UN, second of all democracy is our ideal not tobe tempered with, third of all Nuer cleansing byKiirwith the help from IGAD is never legal for it causedKiirnow to be illegitimate president who has killedthe very civilians who contributed greatlyfor his election to transitional presidency underSudan by then and IGAD non-neutrality to no longer fit for mediation.

—-One may still argue that the world will not endbecause Nuer civilians were massacred in Juba, people like the Jewswere in the past roasted in the gas chamber and the world is still moving. And Rwundans are no exception and their country now the peaceful countryin Africa.

This cynical attitude toward others is never entertainedinamulti-religious, multi-cultural andmultiethnic country as South Sudanin the 21stcentury.

Another may argue that Riek Machar is not alwaysfor good things which benefit South Sudan, 1991 fight for the Independenceof South Sudan was another setback he caused for us to obtain our independenceearly, because Dr. John Garang was about to defeat the Arabs to becomepresident of the all Sudan. So Riek is bothering us with democracy, why doesn’t he wait for president Kiir to finish his term till 2020and beyond( GreaterBhar el Gazel’s conference resolution).

In fact DrRiekmanaged to correct an erroneous mistake of pursuingunity of Sudan, Dr. Garang’svision. All of usunanimously embraceMachar’svision ofsecessionof South Sudan from motherSudan.Towait PresidentKiirtill 2020 and beyond is equal to dictatorship whichmust not be our choice for political ideologywhatsoever.

A stupid one can also argue that why Riek is killingpeople because of power? Salva Kiir will not be there for life he willforgive him to come to sit in his house nobody will bother him.

Salva Kiir chatters too, that people talk that Nueris the second largest tribe in the country but it will be the leasttribe in the country. And you can see for yourselves all hats and capsin the markets are over bought by the Nuer men covering their markson their foreheads…………… This is the manifestation of Kiir’smockery on his genocidal project of killing all in whole and in part.

To finish the remainingNuersKiirismobilizing all 63 ethnic groups (now repudiated byEquatoriansandFertits) andMuseveniwith his great lake alliesto kill Nuer people andcleanse them all.

Last argument that Riek is after Prophet Ngundeng’sprophecies and he is rebelling because he wants a Nuer country excludingother 63 ethnic groups in the country this qualifies him to be defeatedmilitarily with the help of Ugandan military and the great lake countries.

First Greater Equatoria declaration to rally behindDr. Machar is enough to enlighten us that our cause is Machar’s democracyplus federalism which is our system of government opposed to Kiir’sdictatorship and his unitary system, the current government system.

Though the great man of westernEquatoriaH.E JosephBakasorois claiming not to support what he calls senselesswar. Heis never serious because the man is a strong believerin democracy as well as federalism. Denying that position is tantamounttohis espouse ofinstitutionalizing dictatorshipin the countryopposed to Democracy. In other words, to fight fordemocracy is never senseless war but the governor has compromised hisfaith in democracyconsequential to his undoubtedbad faithinSartrean’spoint of view. Well we do not bother of his denialto his belief since it is our cause to pursue the fight to the end.

The claim of Ngundeng’s prophecies to be the reasonfor the rebellion is untrue.

The rebellion was imposed byKiirhimself for he tried to assassinateMacharand his allies.

Then it became rational for South Sudanesewho are supporting democracy to fightbackagainst dictatorKiir.

I do not want to talk much trying to prove that Nuerare not the ones opposed to Kiir’s government because the ones opposedto Kiir’s govt are South Sudanese who are opposed to dictatorship thatmust not be our government.

Have a look into Kiir’sgovt you will find good numberof Nuers serving in the govt, but prone to death at any time becauseKiir’s criterion of killing people in Juba is being found a Nuer thenyou are qualified to die.

Many Nuer civilians were badly murdered because itcould not come to their minds that they would unquestionably die simplybecause they are Nuer by tribe.

This cemented and concretized the statement thatwhen you were or are found a Nuer you are dead‘.

This follows that the govt of Kiir is the one dividingand destroying the country by targeting Nuer people and making a projectionthat Dinka are killed by Nuer, you Dinka forgive them but do not forget.

Where did Nuer kill Dinka because they are Dinkaby tribe? Nowhere whatsoever. Kiir talked of mass graves in Bentiu, that was untrue it was a mere projection likening it with the Nuerciviliansmass graves in Juba.

Kiirtalked ofDinkacivilians killed inAkoba, but that was untrue alsoAkobais a Lou Nuer home noDinkaresidents killed. The fight broke out inAkobabetween soldiers loyal toMacharagainst the ones loyal to criminal presidentKiir.

All the above series of counterarguments are theparaphrased counterexample arguments presented in every forum by Kiir’ssupporters, sycophants and lackeys, the like of Ateny Wek Ateny andTellar Ring Deng, the two fake lawyers.

To sum up our discourse it is a need for us in thecountry to have peace we need in essence.

The peace we aspire for is the peace we achieve withthe help of a body which does not dance to the tune of any one of thewarring parties that mediation team objectively sees the proceduralsteps to achieve a relative peace.

It also imposes decisions for the fact that the decisionsare contributing exclusively to achieve the goal needed-peaceful andfundamental democracy.

IGAD should humbly accept to step aside to give wayto UN for mediating the peace talks objectively.

Gatkuoth Lok is a South Sudanesepolitical analyst, a strong believer in SPLM-Oin Khartoum. He canbe reached @ [email protected].

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