Response to Tearz Ayuen & companies: shameless ridicule of Naath Society

By J. Nguen Nyol

April 4, 2014 (SSNA) — Tearz Ayuen’s plea for “Naath in UN Juba’s Bases” to “go home” not meant well but condescension and ridiculous insulting to Naath Society. Tearz Ayuen himself a Dinka and fled Juba shortly after Kiir’s government slain Isaiah Abraham, who was also a Dinka from Twi East, Jonglei State.

Mr. Ayuen himself does not reside in the defiled city, Juba and for some reasons he wanted Naath to return to non-existing houses as if what forced them to run for their dear lives have been dealt with amicably. Tearz Ayuen himself is Kiir’s ruthless regime prime target. He was alleged to be on the list of Isaiah Abraham’s assassins to be assassinated, if found.

See the contradiction and why Mr. Ayuen is was up for something more malevolent than a simple plea from an honest man. As matter of fact, Mr. Ayuen has sea of grudges to mend with failed Kiir led Dinka regime. At times, he had called spade a spade more than one.  And I have much respect for him in that regard. However, Tearz Ayuen’s uncounselled appeal for Naath to return home is ill-informed. In his words, a home “one mile away” is a mockery and meant to pave ways for Tearz to mend relations with Kiir.

Tearz Ayuen is also from Kolnyang, Bor County in Jonglei State. Kolnyang is a heartland of Dinka-Bor civilians who recently flooded Eastern Equatoria State because they perceived danger from then advancing rebels. I got it. Does Mr. Tearz Ayuen see the same fate in Naath? Certainly, and Tearz is too smart figure to know this gruesome truth but chose to play trickery.

The IDPs who left Kolnyang, Tearz’s home village are now settled and being fed by the same UN Tearz castigated and blaming Naath for jobs creation. Thereof, Dinka IDPs feed on one meal a day, not twice. Not better than Naath but not being hunt down and encircled by host community which is the different. If feeding Dinka IDPs in Madi’s lands is no different than that of Naath in UN bases in Juba, what the heck is Tearz talking about then?

Well, Tearz cited poor sanitation comes rainy season and possible disease outbreak on the top of food security. Good point and I got it. But, wait; is it not true that the Dinka IDPs who fled their homes in Jonglei lives under trees or in the tents in Madi’s land, Kakuma, Kenya and Uganda and under the same UN’s protections and the same way as Naath? Yes. Then what logic does Tearz’s argument based?  I have no clue and beside, it would be interesting to know if these Dinka IDPs are not “paupers in their own country” or and if they have pre-made houses in Madi’s land or forced Madi people out their homes by force instead or not be batters by looming rainy season.

It appeared Tearz Ayuen did not bother asking these questions or call on Dinka IDPs to return home even though their homes are still standing and being protected by Kiir led Dinka regime; a regime solely for Dinka and by Dinka.

I saw where Mr. Tearz Ayuen is coming from and his ill- intentions to say the least. Tearz has three aims at heart to achieve with his mockery letter to Naath. One, he has deep seated hate and unwinnable card to play with UN personnel presence in the nascent nation, South Sudan. This deep seated hatred is based on a recent Dinka negative campaign against UN presence in South Sudan and arrogantly asking its head to leave.

Mr. Tearz Ayuen’s second aim is in line with Kiir led Dinka failed government. In fact, UN recent report on the Washington Post cited that Kiir’s regime has blocked food and water supplies distanced for Naath in Bor UN’s base and possibly in Juba as well. Therefore, Tearz is no exception but party to the regime in the name Dinkanization of South Sudan. Tearz Ayuen knows quite well what would happen to Naath should they leave UN bases in Juba and elsewhere on the country. More bloodbaths shall occur.

Bloodletting is Tearz Ayuen’s ulterior motive. This is hidden intention everyone in Kiir’s regime ascribed to, which Tearz Ayuen just joined. Had it not been the case, why should Tearz Ayuen call for Naath in UN bases in Juba to go home where they have no homes? Had it not been the case, why he didn’t call on his Dinka Bor IDPs occupying Madi’s lands by force to return home when in fact their homes are still standing and protected by their Dinka led Kiir’s government?

Tearz Ayuen’s last aim is that he wanted to mend fences with Kiir ruthless regime whom Tearz himself brutally criticised in numerous occasions. Calling for Naath to return to their homes where there is none is what Kiir led Dinka government wanted to hear especially from old adversaries like Tearz.

Perhaps, calling for Naath to return onto Juba’s dirty streets for in-dignifying demise is a short way to win President Kiir’s loyalty. Tearz cautioned Naath that there are not bankrupts and “have not killed anyone or rebel against the government.” However, he failed to answer the question why were they targeted and killed in the first place?

Lastly, I must remind Tearz Ayuen that who have offended Naath Society. Your call for Naath in UN Juba’s bases in Juba to return homes where there are no homes for them in juba was a clear insult but ill- received and condemned in strongest terms possible.

It’s sad that you have shed crocodile tears in disguise of ill-intended sympathy. I hate to mention this Tearz, but I have to. Naath were summarily executed by Dinka’s militias, ordered by some Dinka top elites and who stills runs defiled Juba town. It is depressing that you are desperately telling Naath to return to their killers to be kill.

You personally shied way to mention this point for reasons only known to you Tearz Ayuen. But I should note Naath’s saying, which goes as a monkey would yearly collect fire woods to give birth to a baby human-monkey but every time, she gives birth to a baby monkey-monkey instead. This underscored the fact that you are a Dinka and will always be.

J. Nguen is a South Sudanese living in Canada. He can be reached at [email protected].

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